by dkjack 30 Nov 2011

BBQ Cover


by patchwork4424 02 Dec 2011

This is a fantastic idea. So swish!!!

by muflotex 02 Dec 2011

pretty hideaway,

by ramona 01 Dec 2011

Fantastic job you did on this!

by mariagiannina 01 Dec 2011

Great job, love your choice of colours!

by shirlener88 01 Dec 2011

Debra, great job.

by sandralochran 01 Dec 2011


by wp1012 01 Dec 2011

Really looks good.

by 2newbie 01 Dec 2011

looks great, love the colors too. I tried to find the download no luck.

dkjack by dkjack 01 Dec 2011

Copy and paste the above link. It is on page 11.

grannycowpuncher by grannycowpuncher 29 Aug 2013

Thank you this is so neat, but the PDF is now on page 15. Going to make one for my DH, he will love it!!!!

by lilylyn 01 Dec 2011

What a great idea!! Never thought of making one Thank you for the idea and great work on yours. Bet your sons love them. Lyn

by airyfairy 01 Dec 2011

Looks fantastic, so bright and cheerful. Sarah.

by blueeyedblonde 01 Dec 2011

Really looks good! I never thought of doing something like that - might have to give it a go when ours is kaput!

by ermaplatt 01 Dec 2011

you did a great job. your sons will love it

by castelyn 01 Dec 2011

Looks great, job well done. Hugs Yvonne

by bumblebee 30 Nov 2011

Very Nice, Our grill is huge and has a good storebought but vanilla colored cover but I bet something like this would be so much nicer to look at.

by lidiad 30 Nov 2011

Great job! The beautiful design looks like the Tree of Life from Sonia Showalter.

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dkjack by dkjack 30 Nov 2011

Yes, I did use Sonia Showalter's Tree of Life

by rwalden 30 Nov 2011

Very nice. Job well done.

by noah 30 Nov 2011

cute and lovely all in one hugs

by mysew1325 30 Nov 2011

stunning job.. It will fit my BBQ..

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dkjack by dkjack 30 Nov 2011

I made two. They are for my sons--big BBQ men :)

by laffma1 30 Nov 2011

It looks great. The lucky Chef will be so pleased. I made one for my husband last year, but was afraid to embroider on it, as it is made of fleece backed "pleather"(?). It looks fine, but so plain. I really like yours. Is it made of Canvas? I'm thinking of doing a new one next summer, and would try to embroider on it this time around. Thanks for sharing your photo.

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dkjack by dkjack 30 Nov 2011

I used outdoor fabric. It is washable. The pattern if from Babylock in their projects area.

by tmbache 30 Nov 2011

I like, I like,
What an idea. Mine is falling apart some thing wicked. will do one after christmas for summer.
Thank you, thank you, for the idea.
Hugs and flower for you all

by capoodle 30 Nov 2011

Love that and probably should make one. Our store brought one only lasted a few months. Did you use an outdoor fabric?

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dkjack by dkjack 30 Nov 2011

Yes, outdoor fabric. Found lots of outdoor fabric on sale this time of year. I made two, one for each son. The pattern in found on the Babylock site in their projects area. Free download.

by devon 30 Nov 2011

great job

by oaro 30 Nov 2011

very nice cover