by airyfairy 29 Nov 2011

Had some horrible news last yesterday. My best friend in Johannesburg was attacked by 4 men and knocked unconscious. She had just collected visitors from UK. The men tied them all up, took all the jewellery they were wearing + all my friends jewellery. They got the keys to the safe and gun safe and cleared both out. They even took the ashes of my friend's husband who died in September. Then drove off in her brand new car. I spoke to her last night and although badly bruised with 2 black eyes she says it could have been worse. How can these b---ards do this?? :(


by kryztyna 02 Dec 2011

How many more people must be hurt, maimed, killed before the powers that be acknowledge that there is a serious problem here. We as a nation have become too inured to these criminal attacks. The politicians openly exhort our children to violence and crime!! Most of these attacks are by children ages 14-20. Last month a family member,aged 76 was viciously attacked and beaten. ENOUGH. My thoughts and prayers to your friend and her family, mine .. and my country.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 02 Dec 2011

Thank you.

by airyfairy 01 Dec 2011

I have spoken to Sue again and she is so very calm about it all. Lots more security going in today. The police have been fantastic but they stand little chance of getting the swines that did this. The swelling on her face is going down as are her black eyes. Thank you all for your comments and kindness. Hugs Sarah.

by lulu07 30 Nov 2011

I will pray for them and you. I hope they catch them soon.

by mi30kaja 30 Nov 2011

This is just Horrible.

by drro 30 Nov 2011

This is terrible! How terrible some people in this world are becoming! I pray they will all recover both physically and emotionally! Thanks to God they were spared their lives!

by kalinelson 30 Nov 2011

I will be praying for your friend and her visitors...I sure hope they get the creeps that did this....Gods blessings

by cj2sew 30 Nov 2011

This is terrible. There is no answer to your question. They are ruthless, beyond any feeling and, a detriment to society. I hope they are caught. Stay close to your friend and keep her talking over and over again. There may even be a group she could join that has suffered like herself. There she may find help and comfort. You're a dear friend. Bless you.

by beatie58 30 Nov 2011

What a dreadful thing to happen! No lives lost but the trauma will remain for some time to come. Thinking of you all hugs Sally

by bethelb 30 Nov 2011

I am so sorry this happened . Hope they find them soon and they are brought to justice .

by mysew1325 30 Nov 2011

I will pray that they catch the losers and put them behind bars for a long time.. keep the house locked, change the locks.. her house key was probably on the key ring ..what a terrible ordeal for her to go through.. they do know what she has now.. they could come back.. tell her to get a gun and use it.. take a lesson or two.. and a big dog.. they hear what we don't..

by clawton 30 Nov 2011

So sorry to hear about this. Hope they are better and that they catch the guys! It is hard to understand why people have to do this kind of thing.

by fannyfurkin 30 Nov 2011

I have been through a similar ordeal myself, although not quite as bad, if it had not been for the fast thinking of my then 11 and 12 year old sons I do not know what might have happened. This is a very traumatic thing to go through and it is very important that your friend can talk to people about it. She is lucky to have such a wonderful friend as you Sarah, because I know that you will be able to support her through this.

by gramsbear 30 Nov 2011

I feel so bad for her & friends. Hope they are caught! Hugs & Prayers, Judy

by loosie 30 Nov 2011

Oh my, my hubby is always telling me to watch my back, I drop off and pick up my daughters from school each day, this is his greatest fear, he reminds me everyday. But how can you fight off 4 guys? It just pains me to hear this.

by marthie 30 Nov 2011

Sarah so sorry to hear this. I know exactly how you feel because my daugther also experienced this last year!!!!!

by mary51 30 Nov 2011

It is indeed an awful news, but at least she was able to tell you, things come and go life does not, I am sorry for your friend and your friend's husband ashes that is impossible to replace. God send your guardian angels and protect all of us, these are very hard times....

by blueeyedblonde 30 Nov 2011

Sorry to hear this. They must feel so brave! It took 4 men to attack one woman! At least she's OK.

by susiesembroidery 30 Nov 2011

I am so sorry to hear about this attack on your friend and the UK visitors. I hope they get punished for all the wrongs they so unwittingly do to people. Strength and best wishes to them My prayers go with her and her visitors. All the best to all of you.

by gerryb 30 Nov 2011

I'm so sorry to hear all the terrible things! But thankful no one was killed! A sad time when we can't go out & feel safe. I've been praying for the USA, but am adding all the other countries & praying for our WORLD! I fear even worse times are in the future. Tell your friends there's a world wide group praying for their recovery!

by debswebster 30 Nov 2011

All well and good for lives lost, but the emotional scars never heal. The criminals never get caught because there are too many of them, so justice is never served. They are obviously well rehearsed in their tragic ways. We are fighting a loosing battle when one's privacy is so devastatingly violated!!Prayers for your friends and her poor unsuspecting UK visitors.

by lflanders 30 Nov 2011

Material things can be replaced but lives can not! Although it was horrible and invasive they lived to tell about it! I can not begin to even think that I know how they feel right now. BUT...they can still feel! May God bless all involved and make sure that the criminals do not ever gain from any act like this one! The law officaials need to make an example out of the ones that commit such crimes and see that they are taken out of the community and put them behind bars. This is the time for prayers and by all means, being more alert about what is going on just outside of our doors.

by catsnhorses 30 Nov 2011

I am so sorry to hear about your friend! Thank God that she and her friends were not killed, or injured worse than they were. My prayers are with them for a full recovery. Also, I hope and pray that the police quickly catch the terrible men who did this to them. Prayers are with all of you.

by anne55 30 Nov 2011

We've heard a lot about thieves stealing women's jewelry when they're out shopping here in Alabama. Just ripping it off of them. So we've all been passing it around to each other not to wear jewelry when you're out. Even if you're with your husband or a group. People are just plain evil today. I hope your friend gets well soon. I am so sorry this happened to her. Thank God no one was killed.

by bumblebee 30 Nov 2011

That is horrible. Sorry it happened at all and much more to your friend.
LInda aka Bumblebee

by leenova54 30 Nov 2011

Oh my gosh Sarah, that is awful and I am so sorry to hear this happened to your friend. I am sure she was terrified and will be for some time to come. Best wishes to her.

by anangel 30 Nov 2011

So glad they are alright! It could have been MUCH worse! We cannot be TOO cautious in todays society! In these unlawful times (a slap on the hand for murder), there are many who do not fear any consequences for their bad actions to others, thus such cases as this evolve! Be vigilant at all times, Cuties! Be aware of those near you in both strange or familiar surroundings!

by lenamae 30 Nov 2011

I am so sorry that this happend to your friend will keep her in my prayers.
Do sad what is our world comming to.

by ssampsel 30 Nov 2011

i am so sorry to hear this. seems like violence is spreading like a plague.

by jacquipaul 30 Nov 2011

It's a dangerous world out there, but praise God that she was not killed.
My prayers for her and for her group.

by sewfrenzie 30 Nov 2011

So sorry to hear this and very happy to hear she has such a positive attitude. Hopefully they will catch these people and get their belongings back.
Makes you wonder where these people get this the world owes them attitude from and if they want it they will just take it. Its so sad that there are people like that in the world and even sadder that they hurt the people we care about without a second thought. My thoughts and prayers go out to them for a speedy recovery of theri health AND thier belongings.

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edithfarminer by edithfarminer 30 Nov 2011

could not say it better, frightening world we live in and this recession will not help

by mjjust2ofus 30 Nov 2011

Wow, the gall of these people. I wonder how they would feel if someone did this to their mothers and her friends. How sad, praying for a speedy recovery for all.

God bless,

by basketkase 30 Nov 2011

Sarah, I am so distressed by this, there are no words.....I am rendered speechless at the cruelties of mankind anymore & this world is becoming a snake pit.....I am so sorry for your friend and pray that they all recover..hugs..Vicki

by airyfairy 30 Nov 2011

Thank you all my Cutie friends for all your kind words. I have just come off the phone and my friend is just so relieved that she was neither raped or killed. She remembers very little about the whole thing. Unfortunately her guests took some beatings. All the locks have had to be changed as they took all the keys for the house. *4 all you wonderful people.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Nov 2011


by bielie 30 Nov 2011

So sorry to hear that - my prayers are with them. Unfortunately this happens every day, we don't hear half of it -they can't possibly report on all the crimes, the worst is the rapes that occur on a daily basis - we all live in fear, behind locked gates, doors - and it is a risk to go out at night.
We need your prayers in South Africa

by maymason1 30 Nov 2011


by justonlyme 30 Nov 2011

Will there even be any legal complaints to file and subsequent investigation, or do they just have to recover from their injuries, replace their possessions, be thankful that they made it out alive and carry on? I had a very dear friend who was killed in Johannesburg in the late 70s and nothing was ever done about it. I hope your friend and her visitors can recover and go on in spite of such atrocities!!

by ansalu 30 Nov 2011

Oh Sarah that are terrible news :o(
My first husband was from South Africa (CapeTown) and I heard bad stories so I never was there.
She is very brave to see it this way...
A big hug to you for the shock and for her

by capoodle 30 Nov 2011

Praying that they have the strength to overcome this horrible ordeal.

by cfidl 30 Nov 2011

Wow! That's horrible! It is hard to feel safe after something like that. Healing wishes for all. christine

by pennifold 29 Nov 2011

Dear Sarah,

I am at a loss as what to say. I cannot believe the violence that is occurring in the world today. Those people have no moral conscience. I pray that you and your friends will overcome this terrible ordeal. God bless you all. I do hope that the Police can catch the robbers and that they will be punished for all that they have done. Love and blessings Chris

by obaachan 29 Nov 2011

Oh my gosh .... this is horrible .. I will keep your friends and you in my thoughts, and I pray that they catch the b--ards and punish them severely..

by read180 29 Nov 2011

So sorry to hear this sad news. Praise God they were not killed. I pray that their wounds will heel fast. If you or they have trouble dealing with the emotional scars please seek professional help. Prayers and Hugs to all of you.
Cindy B

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airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Nov 2011

So good to see you here again Cindy. They have already had trauma counciling.

by lidiad 29 Nov 2011

You are right: horrible news. A prayer and a hug for them and for you too!

by greysewist Moderator 29 Nov 2011

This is truly revolting -and sadly you do seem to have lots of similar crimes in South Africa. Can't have been a nice welcome for the UK visitors either. I wish them all as speedy a recovery as is possible & hope the late husband really 'gets up the criminals noses' :(