by basketkase 20 Nov 2011

Just an update..our Graycie has not come home yet..our criminal has been captured but not before he broke into the next door neighbors (elderly disabled couple) and beat and robbed them..he is 19 yrs old


by katydid 21 Nov 2011

This type of robbery is going on all over. These children have no guidance at home. glad they caught him. Sorry about Graycie. Don't give up. Kay

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basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

I won't Kay......

by mary51 21 Nov 2011

Sorry for your kitty, I have two dogs, I love them as real people, In Florida, we have the same law, if someone invade your home, you could shoot him/her.... My DH had a permit to cary a gun, the gun is in my drawer, I do not like to touch it.

by mary51 21 Nov 2011

Sorry for your kitty, I have two dogs, I love them as real people, In Florida, we have the same law, if someone invade your home, you could shoot him/her.... My DH had a permit to cary a gun, the gun is in my drawer, I do not like to touch it.

by gerryvb 21 Nov 2011

sorry you still haven't Gracie back where she belongs. And sorry for your neighbours, it must have been awful for them. Hugs for you all.

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basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

Thanks for the hugs, Gerry, it sure feels good right now!! Will extend the hug to my neighbors when I visit them....

by gerryb 21 Nov 2011

Oh Vicki! I'm so glad you weren't there to be hurt as your poor neighbors were! What a cruel, deranged mind that "man" must have. But don't let it drag you down. I know it's HARD to move on, but pray & move on. He will have to pay here as well as when he stands before the Throne. Hope he gets the punishment he deserves from the law. And keep those positive thoughts about little Graycie! Thinking of you!

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basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

Thanks, Gerry, trying really hard to get rid of all the toxin that has built up inside of me........have a headache every single day since this, mostly from crying jags when I think about's really tough......

by debswebster 21 Nov 2011

Sorry Graycie has not returned yet. As for that criminal, I have one word - PIG!!!!

by castelyn 21 Nov 2011

So sorry to here that Graycie has not as yet come home. Hope she finds her way soon.

Glad that they found this criminal, and taken him off the street. Hope that the neighbors recover soon. Hugs Yvonne

by mjjust2ofus 21 Nov 2011

I'm so sorry for you and your best friend (Graycie). I will pray she finds her way home. As for the neighbors and the culprit that vadalized them, I will pray for all of them. Neighbors that they heal fast and can forgive and the young man that beat and robbed them that he finds his way home to our Lord Jesus.


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osueo by osueo 21 Nov 2011

WOW!!!!! Jesus helps us to forgive---even that moron-----and I too pray that he will allow Jesus into his heart. Miracles DO happen. Sounds like it would take ONE BIG MIRACLE for him.

by anne55 21 Nov 2011

I am so sorry Graycie hasn't made it home yet, but we are praying she will soon. As far as the little creep, he isn't alone because far too many people are having children who are not prepared to be a PARENT with all that entails. Such as teaching your child to respect others and their property. I've seen far too much of this in the 10-20 years.

by tilde01 21 Nov 2011

I'm so sorry for all you and your neighbors have gone through. I do hope your neighbors where not hurt too badly. there is always hope that Graycie will come home. A friend of mine had her kitty go missing, she put up posters all around her area, and was finally able to get him back. So don't give up hope on Graycie.

by zoefzoef 21 Nov 2011

how can I respond to this sad news.. the fact is also that probably the 19 yrs old guy will be free within few hours...
We always lock our door..even when we are at home - since they tried to break in last summer. (didn't succeed 'cos we had a security door, but door was damaged a lot)

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basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

So far, he is still in custody, his bail is set at $50,000, on the Walgreens robbery, however he has multiple charges pending including next door robbery, ours and others that will be filed at his arraignment next month..

by leenova54 21 Nov 2011

So sorry you had all this happening around you and hope your kitty does come home. I was in the house last summer and my hubby was out front and could not see the door, I was getting ready to go out and saw a young black guy walk by my living room window (no back access to there but from apartments that are going down hill) I stopped and watched through my sheer curtain and he stood at my door looking around for so long that I couldn't take it any more and stormed out onto my enclosed porch and yelled, "Is there a reason you are standing at my door?". He made a comment about my flowers, I told him they are fake from the dollar store, he laughed off how I fooled him then went down the steps toward the front and saw hubby was there. We got off lucky but 2 houses away the widow had gone out for dinner with her kids and she left a back window open a little and he got inside her house! I was so mad cause I couldn't ID him!

by fannyfurkin 20 Nov 2011

Vicki I am sorry to hear about Graycie. I am appalled at the behaviour of this person, there is something to be said about the law of the old west where a person was deemed an outlaw and you could just shoot them. I know that might sound harsh, but elderly people should be safe in their homes.

basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

We actually feel like we are living in the old west, where outlaws are coming into town and taking whatever they want and holding people hostage in their own homes!!! What pisses me off is he is safe, warm and fed in jail and my poor kitty is out there scared, cold & hungry!

basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

scared, cold & hungry......

bevintex by bevintex 21 Nov 2011

in the state of Texas we have what is called the castle doctrine. If someone breaks into your home and you fear for your life you can shoot and kill them. And you may be surprised at how many are armed here in our great state.

debswebster by debswebster 21 Nov 2011

Uhmm, in our state of S.Africa, it is considered murder if you shoot or injure an invader in or on your property, hence we have been ordered to hand in our weapons, which ironically land up in the hands of the criminals!! Go figure.

bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 21 Nov 2011

I feel the same, not safe in South Africa, but we can not go to another country at our age. Marie

airyfairy by airyfairy 22 Nov 2011

I am also living in SA and I hate and loath guns. The amount of people who have unlicenced guns here is terrible. I had no idea the USA was so bad.

cherylgauteng by cherylgauteng 22 Nov 2011

I also live in South Africa and am a licensed firearm holder and I WILL use it if necessary. We were not made to hand in our weapons, we just had to reapply for licences and attend a lecture on the new gun laws ! I have a healthy respect for guns but know how and when to use them. I shoot well. Fear is of the unknown.

cherylgauteng by cherylgauteng 22 Nov 2011 and when to use mine, I shoot well. Fear is because it is unknown to you.

terriweistra by terriweistra 22 Nov 2011

I have to agree with Cheryl, I am a licensed firearm holder and I will with no doubt shoot to kill if an invader decides to come in to my property. I have electric fencing, trellidoor (on all windows and doors) so anyone to gets in is asking for trouble

by airyfairy 20 Nov 2011

Oh Vicki, I am so sorry about Gracie. What is wrong with our world today? First of all too many people and not enough employment. Parents do not teach their children to love their fellow man. There is far too much entertainment so children do not know how to entertain themselves. I could go on. I hope this young man gets a hefty sentence - what he did to your neighbours is terrible and I thought this kind of thing only happened in SA. Hugs Sarah.

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basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

It is an outrage what he did, he threw the poor man out of his wheelchair after punching him in the face, he broke the woman's ribs and punctured her lung..they were both in the hospital for 4 days..

by hightechgrammy 20 Nov 2011

How could he hurt disabled people????? I'm ready to go beat him up! grrrrrrrr

by poohbear 20 Nov 2011

Have you seen some of the shows on TV called Scared Straight? That little smart a-- may learn a lot more then he wants to once he gets to spend time in prison

by kharriman 20 Nov 2011


by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Nov 2011

It makes me so sad. I hope your neighbors are not hurt too badly. What's wrong with this kid? I guess I will no longer stop my German Shepherd from barking. I am still praying for Graycie to show up.

by drro 20 Nov 2011

Still praying for your Kitty Gracie to return!
Glad they caught the ruffian! Too bad for you and your neighbours...and anyone else whose home he invaded...that he was not caught when he began to do these things!

by basketkase 20 Nov 2011

I am so sick of these kids that have nothing to do but look for trouble....I can't stand that he was touching my stuff, I look at his cocky face and his "gangsta" signals, and he makes me sick and he is actually smoking a joint on his facebook pic and thinks he is cool. I know there are good kids out there too, but hate to see this trend and he has a baby too...OMG!!!

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 20 Nov 2011

Vicki, besides letting your kitties out, what else did he take from you? I'm glad you weren't there, or who knows what might have happened to you and your husband! How are your neighbors??

by justonlyme 20 Nov 2011

I have a 19 year old son and he would never even think about doing that to someone. In fact, he stops on the freeway when he sees people with flat tires or other trouble and helps them out.
You can plainly see from this kid's facebook page that he is all about "being cool". Sad. Are you going to sit in on his hearing? I sure would. Does your state have the three strikes law? Here, three felonies and you go away permanently. Regardless of what they are.
I'm still holding out hope for Graycie! Until proven otherwise, you should too!

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basketkase by basketkase 20 Nov 2011

I am still holding hope and will continue still running her ad with her pic in the paper...I do not want to ever give up on her!!

by capoodle 20 Nov 2011

It's very scary with these break ins. I'm so sorry your neighbors had to go through this ordeal. You didn't say how bad their injuries were. It is fortunate that this horrible kid has been caught and taken off the streets. It's been a while since Miss Graycie went missing and I'm sorry for your empty spot.

by sqdancer 20 Nov 2011

We have been having problems with trespassers going thru our property to get to the shopping center behind our condo development...don't try to ask them to go around your life may be in day's young are a scarey lot for sure. My sister came home to find two teens in her upstairs hallway, one of them had come in thru a basement window and had cut himself quite badly, so there was blood on practically every wall in the house...her poor little dog was frightened he just stood there,shaking and looking up the stairs..sister just took off out the garage and called 911,they caught one and he gave up the other..sad world we live in today...something is wrong somewhere....

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 20 Nov 2011

Be safe, and be the ones who DO lock your house.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 20 Nov 2011

that is scarey.

leenova54 by leenova54 21 Nov 2011

We still don't lock our doors when we are in but should and we do have an alarm system in the house.

by noah 20 Nov 2011


by christracey 20 Nov 2011

The B.....d I hope they throw away the key & keep him locked up for good. He must think he is a hero to beat up on defenceles people. Hope he gets what is coming to him. Sending prayers still for little Graycie's return....& for your neighbours return to better health.

by theduchess 20 Nov 2011

That's the scary thing always in the back of my head. Friday nite I brought home lots of green plants for my hanging baskets.Saturday morning they were gone from the porch.

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christracey by christracey 20 Nov 2011

Guess someone thought they could do some Christmas shopping on the way past your place at your expense.

by basketkase 20 Nov 2011

Here's the link

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 20 Nov 2011

He is repulsive, and I wonder if he uses pot around the baby.

leenova54 by leenova54 21 Nov 2011

Punk ass, sorry for the language. And of course he uses it around the baby, wouldn't be surprised it he blows it in the baby's face to mellow it out!

basketkase by basketkase 21 Nov 2011

You are absolutely correct..and honey, we have used worst language to describe him.
I hate the fact that one human being has caused me to feel this way, and am working on trying to purge it....

airyfairy by airyfairy 22 Nov 2011

I am sorry Vicki - I could not bring myself to look at his picture. What he did to your neighbours was disgusting.

by basketkase 20 Nov 2011

Here is what today's criminals look like and act like...this is a link to his facebook page 6 months ago before his unfortunate move to our area...I want everyone to know who this monster is..He beat our helpless neighbors, one in a wheelchair and one with cerebral palsy..I am outraged..

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 20 Nov 2011


by lidiad 20 Nov 2011