by sewbadly 14 Nov 2011

Does anyone know what causes occasional "loops" on the top of stitching?

Changed needle, thread, bobbin and cleaned... still happening. Thanks.


by killiecrankie 15 Nov 2011

I just started to do FSL designs & had the same problem .I did what you did but slowed down the speed to 50% & put a cover around the thread so it came off the reel evenly .It improved

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sewbadly by sewbadly 16 Nov 2011

That is GREAT news. Thank you for sharing.

by lidiad 15 Nov 2011

It happened to me too. Just a little loop on top and I thought that it was because of the metallic thread I was using. Next time I will put the little net over that spool that I thought did not need it. Thank you Yvonne of Castelyn!

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sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

Interesting that it happens with metallic thread too. Good luck!

by wp1012 15 Nov 2011

I had the same problem the other day. I went back to the place I purchased the machine from and it was the tension. My machine had two different bobbin cases. One is an automatic tension. And the other one you personall set the tension you want for that project. Hope you can find your problem.

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sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

I have a Janome and only know how to set the one tension on top....but, I may have still had that set on the sewing tension instead of the embroidery tension. Thank you... I will pay better attention to that.

by almag 15 Nov 2011

This happened to me in a special design - a big poinsettia in the middle of a table runner - last night, too. Most frustrating. It happened in the centre stamens of the poinsettia. I did a re-run of that particular area and the same thing happened so I think it might have been a hiccup in the digitising. In the end it got cut off!!
The rest of the design was fine, before and after the loops. I'll iron some Cloud Cover over that area to hold any wayward ends from coming loose.

I'm glad you asked this question and I'm thanking all the people who responded.


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sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

Great idea to use the cloud to hold the wayward threads. Appreciate you taking the time to share with us.... did not even consider that it might have had something to do with the digitising.

by rmj8939 15 Nov 2011

I also have this happen sometimes. Reading what others say about it. Thanks for asking so I can learn too.

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sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

Sometimes, I think the machine can tell when I am under a time crunch... and just misbehaves.
I will try these other ideas, too.

by aussiequilter 15 Nov 2011

it happens to me some times too, mostly when I do lace work

sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

That must be really frustrating. I have been doing stuff for the grandkids which is not nearly as critical. Do you think the speed of the machine has anything to do with this problem?

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 15 Nov 2011

I am going to invest in some thread nets, lets sede if that helps.I will try slowing my machine down and see if that helps.
I am making some lace bells to give my Bible study girls at our christmas lunch, I made 4 and they were fine , then no 5 was all loopy ???????? so I gave up for the day ,I will have to give them another try soon , I am fast running out of time.

sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

Four good ones then the fifth went wrong... that is a tough one to figure. Good luck with your project!

by castelyn 15 Nov 2011

Place a net over your spool. This lets the thread unwind evenly. Hugs Yvonne

sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

I have my thread on a conductor placed about a foot away from my machine. I thought the slack in the thread would provide the same thing.... or does it. Should I be having the thread tighter rather the loose? Thanks.

castelyn by castelyn 15 Nov 2011

It must just come off evenly. It must not be to tight then it will break or pull the stitches. Hugs Yvonne

sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

Appreciate your help.... I am taking a deep breath and holding onto my sanity. I just sewed some dinosaur toes on to the foot.... inside the foot... yes, ingrown toes! Maybe the problems I am having with the stitches are more operator error than I thought.

lidiad by lidiad 15 Nov 2011

Thank you, Yvonne! To me, this is an important advice. A few times I have noticed a small loop or two on top of the embroidery and didn't know why it happened. Now I will use the little net more often. Thank you again!

by capoodle 15 Nov 2011

I don't know what causes the loops but I use a fine tiny crochet hook to pull them to the underside of the design and put a little seam sealer on it.

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sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

Sounds difficult. My crochet hook is a H.... and not what you are talking about. Thanks for the idea.

by blessed 14 Nov 2011

sometimes the thread will get loose coming off the spool and it will cause this. hope this helps. charlotte

sewbadly by sewbadly 14 Nov 2011

Seems like there has been more twisting on the thread. Don't know how to stop that. Thanks.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 14 Nov 2011

Give the thread enough room to untwist. Lately I have put the cone behind my machine almost on the floor (put on 2 storage boxes) or use a thread stand.

sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

I've got mine about a foot from the machine on a conductor thread stand.... at least that way I can see the twists and gently hold the thread to untwist before it gets to the machine. Low tech but it seems to help my state of mind.

sewbadly by sewbadly 15 Nov 2011

I just read the original comment by blessed again... the thread being too loose can cause this to happen... hmmmm.
Appreciate your help.