by aldoom 13 Nov 2011

I requested help to find molly moos and I think they're called Mary Moo Moos if you read the other question, just mark it up to old age. sure appreciate any help finding these designs.


by aldoom 13 Nov 2011

Thank you, I should have thought of the copywright issue.I really thank you all for your help. A friend said she could remember when they were free, somewhere. thank again for your lead to these cuties.

by sewemb 13 Nov 2011

There is a set here but it is an embroidery card.

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aldoom by aldoom 13 Nov 2011

thank you for the link

by darmoola 13 Nov 2011

I would check Dakota Designs, Amazing Designs, or Brother designs. I remember seeing them along time ago. They are copywright and you will have to purchase them. Try a google search. Good Luck!

by thecraftycritter 13 Nov 2011

If you are talking about the Mary Moo Moo figurines - they are copyright protected so you probably won't find any legal designs.

by mops Moderator 13 Nov 2011

You'd better place this as an answer to your own question, not as a separate question. So much easier for us to answer it that way.