by nanabs 09 Nov 2011

Just wondering here. When I open the site first thing I get is projects. Is anyone else having that happen? Just wondering..


by nanabs 09 Nov 2011

I tried typing the web site into the task bar, tried clicking on home page and always get projects. Oh well I just have to get used to it I guess. Tried everything. LOL

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nanabs by nanabs 09 Nov 2011

Have to click on community to get questions up. LOL Thanks for all the advice, tried it all and it's still the same. I can live with it but wondered if anyone else had that problem.... flowers for all...

by sewmom 09 Nov 2011

Here is the link to the new front page. Save this one to your bookmarks if that's what you want to open first. You probably have the projects page bookmarked.

sewmom by sewmom 09 Nov 2011

Another thought. If you are scrolling down and looking at "Most Recent", I think that they are posts from all sections.

sewmom by sewmom 09 Nov 2011

I just had another look. Projects in the center. Comments from 3 sections on the right.

nanabs by nanabs 10 Nov 2011

Nope that link just takes me back to the projects page. Guess it's part of the new site. Not a problem just was wondering. Hugs Judy

by eggyannie 09 Nov 2011

I am just wondering if you have saved the link so that all you need do is click on the logo to open it.
If so, perhaps you did it while you had the projects page open when you saved the link.
If so this explains why it opens on that page.
try going to the main community page and saveing the link from there,then remove the original link.
annie in the UK

by ramona 09 Nov 2011

I just thought it was part of the new site. The old site had the last few questions and the last few projects at the bottom of the first page, if I'm remembering that right. LOL