by babie 04 Nov 2011

Wondering if everybody gets the e-mail from emblibrary's for the weekend special. For the past 2 weeks I haven't received anything. I know happy hour is only for people who bought the previous month.


by clawton 04 Nov 2011

I just got today about the 40% off. Try clicking on the sale tab and see if they list it.

by caroldann 04 Nov 2011

Yes, got mine this am. and dang, I told myself I was going to stay away as I just got some designs a few days ago! I'm addicted to emblibrary! Isn't that a first step toward recovery, admitting an addiction? Hugs..Carol

by babie 04 Nov 2011

Thanks I will contact them - must be something wrong with my e-mail. Must say even with happy hour I would have qualified as most of my monthly budget is spend there.

by pcteddyb 04 Nov 2011

Happy hour e-mail goes to people who bought in the prior month. Other specials go to everyone. There is one today - I would contact them if you did not get it.

by sboo 04 Nov 2011

I get notices from them even if I haven't purchased anything for awhile. The last one was for 40%off on an order.

by shilly 04 Nov 2011

Generally, they send notices of specials even though I have not purchased.

by bnilla9241 04 Nov 2011

Yes, I still get my notices. Have you contacted EL about your problem??

Good luck!


by michemb 04 Nov 2011

I got a message this morning for the 40% off special.
Don't know if it is a general problem or isolated one.
Check in you profile on the site. I did buy from them this month (ugh, more than once) but I know someone who did not buy and still received their e-mail.

by starlizard 04 Nov 2011

I got the email for the 40% off plus 4 free. I haven't purchased any designs from them in a while. I'd love to, but money's tight... I probably won't be indulging this go 'round.

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caroldann by caroldann 04 Nov 2011

Maybe if you could get just one design for the 40% off you'll still get the code for 4 free. I'm going back this evening. Hugs..Carol