by anangel 02 Nov 2011

O.K., Cuties, I usually stay in the shadows of this site, praying for others, but today ALL your prayers are needed for my nephew, Jeff, age 51. As I type, he is undergoing biopsy and possible surgery, if operable, for a brain tumor at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama. Cancer is extremely high genetically in my family, so please pray for no malignancy, and a good prognosis of removal of the tumor. The Lord is good at all times, and I know Jeff is in His miraculous hands. Please join me in prayer for his return to good health!



by castelyn 04 Nov 2011

Angel thanks for the update. Will keep you and the family in my prayers. Have a safe trip. Hugs Yvonne

by anangel 04 Nov 2011

An update on Jeff!! The doctors were able to get ALL the tumor removed, as the MRI yesterday showed clear! He was still able to move all body parts and talk, shortly after awakening from anesthesia. Of course he was in considerable pain yesterday, but good nurses kept that in rein. They had him sitting up yesterday a.m., and if he is able to walk around well today, he may be released to go home. Further treatments are being planned, so that indicates malignancy, so I am still praying the cancer was in the very early stage, not advanced.
I plan to drive tomorrow to visit with the family (about a 7 hour trip). Thanks to ALL of you for your prayers and best wishes!! Keep them going that Jeff will return to complete health soon. He should do well! He has a determined spirit and strong faith!! The Lord is GOOD!!

gerryb by gerryb 04 Nov 2011

PTL! He is good!

sewbadly by sewbadly 04 Nov 2011

Thanks for the update. Great news.

pennifold by pennifold 04 Nov 2011

So pleased to read this Angel - we will keep him in our prayers. Love and blessings Chris

nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 05 Nov 2011

Great news ;) hugs Marie

by castelyn 04 Nov 2011

Angel,prayers for you all, hope all went well with the biopsy. Hugs Yvonne

by capoodle 03 Nov 2011

Praying the biopsy tests will show good resulta and that he will have a quick recovery.

by anne55 03 Nov 2011

I hope this biopsy turned out positive. Prayers sent!

by marietta 03 Nov 2011

my prayers are with you, and I believe, as you do, everything left in the hands of our Lord, will turn out good.
Hugs and God bless

by airyfairy 03 Nov 2011

My thoughts are with you all. Sarah.

by twee 03 Nov 2011

hugs and prayer 4 you and yours

by lbrow 02 Nov 2011

Angel Jeff & his fmly as well as you are in my prayers. /Lillian

by read180 02 Nov 2011

Angel, dear one prayers for your son and for you. Take care of yourself. May the Lord watch over all this day.
Cindy B

by jrob Moderator 02 Nov 2011

Angel, Jeff and your family have my prayers. God Bless you all.

by devon 02 Nov 2011

sending prayers your way

by dailylaundry 02 Nov 2011

I will be praying for Jeff, you and your family!! Let us know how he is doing!! Hugs, Laura*

by obaachan 02 Nov 2011

Will do ! Hope all goes well !

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Nov 2011

Prayer was said and will continue. Please keep us informed. Angie

by mary51 02 Nov 2011

I am praying, God will guide the Dr's hands, God will give you comfort.

by jacquipaul 02 Nov 2011

My prayers are with all of you during and after this surgery.

by free3wil 02 Nov 2011

I live in Birmingham, and if there was anywhere in the world I had to have this proceedure done, it would be at UAB, the best doctors in the world are here...keeping you and your family in my prayers! There are people from all over who come to Birmingham...God Bless

by nanabs 02 Nov 2011

Sending prayers that all turns out ok. Cancer is a horrible thing.

by nannynorfolk 02 Nov 2011

Oh Angel,i shall pray that all will be well -

by babsie 02 Nov 2011

Dear Angel, I will pray for Jeff and that the tumor is not maligious. God hear all our prayers and is good. Hold on to your faith and all will work out for the best. Hugs.