by jenne 01 Nov 2011

From a sweatshirt to a Jacket

I love how it turned out, it was very easy to do.


by twee 05 Nov 2011


by airyfairy 02 Nov 2011

Beautifully made

by robinbird 02 Nov 2011

This sweatshirt jacket you did looks so attractive. Would enjoy seeing a close up too.:~D

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jenne by jenne 03 Nov 2011

I will try and put in in phtobucket and give and link after class tonight.

by nannynorfolk 02 Nov 2011

Lovely work - looks so professionaly made ;)

by smahane 02 Nov 2011

it's verry nice and well done!!!!!!!!!!!

by rmj8939 02 Nov 2011

How lovely it is. Doesn't look like a sweatshirt anymore.(-:

by lidiad 02 Nov 2011

It's so beautiful, it looks bought ready-made! Love it!

by cfidl 02 Nov 2011

Very Nice! Thanks for sharing! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by lilylady 01 Nov 2011

Is this for yourself or someone else? I hope to make myself something one of these days, its been 2 yrs. LOL Very nice

by vickiannette 01 Nov 2011

very nice work

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Nov 2011

Good work, this is interesting and thanks for your comments on how you have done this.

by rsehorse 01 Nov 2011

I agree tis is lovely! I too have been wanting to make one for some time now. Love our choice of bingding. It really adds alot.

by rwalden 01 Nov 2011

It's so pretty. I would never had guessed it was a sweatshirt. Excellent work.

by devon 01 Nov 2011

great job

by shirlener88 01 Nov 2011

Lovely work.

by chenille 01 Nov 2011

You did a fantastic job! I have a sweatshirt ready to do but needed some inspiration...this is it!!:-)
Hugs, Nadyne

by dlonnahawkins 01 Nov 2011

That looks really great, and just about all we need down this way most winter days. LOL

by mnladyus 01 Nov 2011

Beautiful job.

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mnladyus by mnladyus 01 Nov 2011

Gee, Did everyone forget to leave flowers when they commented...Lots of "0" under me.

by rw9340 01 Nov 2011

Thank you for this information I have a few sweatshirt would love to make them like this one. It is beautiful

by rw9340 01 Nov 2011

This is beautiful would love to have the pattern for it.

jenne by jenne 01 Nov 2011

I just used one of my jacket patterns for it and cut off the hem and the front where it front would come together . added the bias binding almost as you would a quilt but cut that binding at 3" folded it in half and sewed with a 1/4 " seam turned and hand stitched it on the back.

jenne by jenne 01 Nov 2011

This is one of my jacket pattern I just rip the whole sweatshirt apart and used the fabric then cut off the amount you would turn up for a hem and where the front meets together and bias binging and stitch it down as you would a quilt

castelyn by castelyn 02 Nov 2011

Very smart Jenne. Well done. Hugs Yvonne

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Nov 2011

Very very nice. This turned out great.

by bumblebee 01 Nov 2011

Lovely job

by designgirl 01 Nov 2011

I love it.

by sjbrower 01 Nov 2011

It's beautiful! Nice work...

by lulu07 01 Nov 2011

It turned out great,very nice job.

by noah 01 Nov 2011

love it :):) great job!!hugs carolyn

by edithfarminer 01 Nov 2011

Waaaaauw, clever you, is very pretty

by tilde01 01 Nov 2011

great change over.

by jrob Moderator 01 Nov 2011

Wow, this turned out beautifully!

by mops Moderator 01 Nov 2011

It looks great. The trim, the cuffs and the embroidery design are lovely and make a designer piece out of the plain sweatshirt.

by oaro 01 Nov 2011

Tank you for sharing your beautiful idea

by sqdancer 01 Nov 2011

Started one of these in Brown, must get it finished ....great job Jenne...

by laffma1 01 Nov 2011

Lovely!! Really nice way to dress up a plain sweatshirt. Now you are ready to go out on the town!!

by mysew1325 01 Nov 2011

just beautiful.. great job..

by dailylaundry 01 Nov 2011

Love this!! Did you make your own pattern? I would love to make a sweatshirt jacket!! Great job! Hugs, Laura*

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jenne by jenne 01 Nov 2011

Thanks, if you need some info you can give me a e-mail I will help if I can.

by capoodle 01 Nov 2011

Great job on sewing it into a nice cardigan. The embroidery designs adds a nice touch.

by bejoscha 01 Nov 2011

Beautiful! It looks elegant, good job...

by nuttynana1954 01 Nov 2011

Oh my gosh...what a beautiful jacket! The binding & cuffs sure don't look easy to me. But you've inspired me to get off my backside (& this PC) and get started on one. Thank you for sharing your photo.

by patsy28 01 Nov 2011

Great job!! It doesn't look like it was ever a sweatshirt! It is simply lovely!

by loosie 01 Nov 2011

Very nice! I have been thinking of doing something similar! Great work!