by gandu 25 Oct 2011

Shirlener Thanks to u I am not scared to try FSL. I made six of them for my sis in law's new house Thanks once again -Love Brenda


by sewdeb 27 Oct 2011

Oh, this is lovely! Way to go! Bet you won't want to stop making more! Congrats! *4U Whose design is it? Somehow I missed this one...

1 comment
gandu by gandu 27 Oct 2011

Thanks dont remember is one of the free designs -Love Brenda

by clawton 26 Oct 2011

Looks great. FSL can be fun!

by christracey 26 Oct 2011

Very pretty. I'm sure they will be loved.

by deegee 26 Oct 2011

Beautiful work - they are lovely.

by annyn 26 Oct 2011

Beautiful work!

by shirlener88 26 Oct 2011

Oh Brenda this is so wonderful - I am so pleased to see that you tried and that you went ahead and made more - isn't this a lovely coaster and it is free, too. I hope to see many more FSL projects from you soon. I really like that you used variegated thread on this, too. Hugs, Shirlene

gandu by gandu 26 Oct 2011

Thanks to you Shirlene. Now i cant stop doing FSL.-Love Brenda

snowbird42 by snowbird42 26 Oct 2011

yes it does become adictive....soozie

shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Oct 2011

Well, I am not sorry - I knew the fun you will have with it - it is a lovely way to make gifts quick and simply. Enjoy yourself.

by marron1 26 Oct 2011

these are very pretty,i have tried fsl and love it

by snowbird42 25 Oct 2011

your sister in law will be delighted with your gift....soozie

by mlbell70 25 Oct 2011

They are lovely and thanks to you cuties I had the nerve to try FSL

by patsy28 25 Oct 2011

They are beautiful!!!! Great job!!! I haven't tried fsl yet! I've been brave enough yet!

by tippi 25 Oct 2011

They are very pretty

by devon 25 Oct 2011

great job

by lflanders 25 Oct 2011

Very Pretty! Yes, Shirlene has been a shining example to all of us when it comes to FSL! She has encouraged many a Cutie to try FSL. She makes it look so easy with her perfect pieces of FSL!

by ermaplatt 25 Oct 2011

very pretty i love roses

by capoodle 25 Oct 2011

They stitched lovely for you.

by oaro 25 Oct 2011

very nice lace

by lulu07 25 Oct 2011

Very pretty, good job!

by queenofhearts 25 Oct 2011

Beautiful, you are hooked, as I am too.

by noah 25 Oct 2011

Way to go now be like me i only started sewing fsl this year now i loveeeeeeeee it:):) hugs carolyn

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gandu by gandu 25 Oct 2011

Yes is fun to make FSL and i keep showing to who ever wants to see I love it -Love Brenda

by joanne8125 25 Oct 2011

These turned out very pretty and now you will not be able to stop doing FSL they are addictive

1 comment
gandu by gandu 25 Oct 2011

Thanks you are right i and addicted to it already _Love Brenda

by edithfarminer 25 Oct 2011

Waaaauw, you will be hooked now lol, they are just Beautiful

1 comment
gandu by gandu 25 Oct 2011

Yes i an hooked -Love Brenda

by dailylaundry 25 Oct 2011

Shirlene will be so pleased!! Beautiful! Hugs, Laura*

by bumblebee 25 Oct 2011

Very nice!

1 comment
gandu by gandu 25 Oct 2011

Thanks a lot _Love Brenda