by mysew1325 16 Oct 2011

Christmas quilt, I was alone this weekend and so this is what I started and finished.. no pattern, so lots of trial and ripping.. I think it still needs some punch, so I will embroider some ornaments on the borders.. one color in gold.. it is 50 x 60


by dragonflyer 19 Oct 2011

Just lovely, are these the advent calendar cross stitch design from EMS Forum or other? Love the Santa panel too! Can't quite make out the lower left verbage..something with a Christmas Star...again, just lovely!

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 19 Oct 2011

Twinkle, Sparkle, Christmas Star.. and yes these are EMS cross stitch..

by zoefzoef 19 Oct 2011

I'm sure it will turn out nice ! It already looks great !

by rw9340 19 Oct 2011

This is so beautiful I love it just like it is.

by michemb 19 Oct 2011

Love this, can you tell me where the santa panel comes from, you love to buy it.

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 19 Oct 2011

I bought it off ebay..;hash=item519b6ae862 .. or just put in twelve days of Christmas Panel fabric..

by airyfairy 19 Oct 2011

Quite beautiful and done so quickly. Well done.

by katydid 18 Oct 2011

oh My !!! This is wonderful. I wish I could quilt.

by greysewist Moderator 18 Oct 2011

I can't imagine why it needs anything else for punch -it looks fabulous.

by sandralochran 18 Oct 2011


by bnilla9241 17 Oct 2011

How ambitious!! This is very nice!


by castelyn 17 Oct 2011

Great job. It looks lovely Kathy. Hugs Yvonne

by gerryb 17 Oct 2011

That is beautiful!!!

by edithfarminer 17 Oct 2011

I think it is FABULOUS, can hardly believe you made that in one weekend, waaaauw.

by quilter124 17 Oct 2011

Love this project quilt that you made, it is wonderful even if you leave the numbers as it is.....
love the added embroideries around.....great job...

by cfidl 17 Oct 2011

A Weekend! gasp! You are talented and quick! It looks great. Is it too thick to embroider on top of, cause something connecting the squares would really pull it together. Like presents or bells. It would also make it 3D! Love it! christine Live Laugh Download Stitch!

mysew1325 by mysew1325 17 Oct 2011

that is a good idea.. I would need a mini design.. because the strips are 1 1/2 inch ..

cfidl by cfidl 18 Oct 2011

Even if they overlapped - connected parts like chutes and ladders.

by rwalden 17 Oct 2011

It's lovely. Great job.

by gerryvb 17 Oct 2011

it's beautiful!

by sewdeb 17 Oct 2011

WOW! Great job! I can't wait to see the finished quilt! Hugs and *'s, Deb

by rmj8939 17 Oct 2011

This is just gorgeous.

by snowbird42 17 Oct 2011

this is just awesome your colours are just perfect.....soozie

by julieke 17 Oct 2011


by claudenicolas 17 Oct 2011

Beautiful quilt

by mops Moderator 17 Oct 2011

It's a beautiful quilt and don't need much extra.

by tippi 17 Oct 2011

Beautiful quilt. Or I should say wall hanging

by lulu07 16 Oct 2011

Beautiful job! WOW amazing what you did in one day.

by patchwork4424 16 Oct 2011

This is very nice. The blue theme has worked well.

by mnladyus 16 Oct 2011

WOW...This is beautiful.

by oaro 16 Oct 2011

beautiful work

by noah 16 Oct 2011

wow this is excellent:):)hugs

by shirlener88 16 Oct 2011

Kathy, it is lovely - of coarse you might change the 18 & 17 and the added gold will make it pop. You do lovely work - it would have taken men a long itme to do all this. Never in a day.

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tippi by tippi 17 Oct 2011

Good eye there Shirlene

by pennifold 16 Oct 2011

I used that Santa panel too in my Advent quilt from last year and also the EMS cross-stitch numbers, they turned out great.

It's beautiful - you have done a wonderful job, except you have put the 18 in the wrong place, I hope you can undo it and resew!!!!

Love Chris

I can't access my Projects, but will have a look.

mysew1325 by mysew1325 16 Oct 2011

I did not even notice that.. I will fix it.. just one more rip and fix for the day.. I got that panel off ebay.. could not find anything any where else..

mysew1325 by mysew1325 16 Oct 2011

my hubby says to leave it .. it will make people look twice and wonder what that means.. I will think about it.

pennifold by pennifold 17 Oct 2011

Well, as for me I always do one square slightly awry. I figure that nothing is perfect other than God, so I always make a mistake (on purpose of course)! I wish that she had made 25 squares though and then it would have been easier to put together. Love Chris

mysew1325 by mysew1325 17 Oct 2011

yes that is for sure.. I don't know why she did not make a 25.. it was a hard design to make with only 24.. but then I had to shave down the left side to make them fit under the Santa.. I saw a picture in Keepsake quilting magazine that I used as a design layout..

by lidiad 16 Oct 2011

WOW!!!!!! It's fantastic!! Love it!

by capoodle 16 Oct 2011

It looks amazing and I like your layout. Don't think I would change anything. That's a large quilt - are you going to try to hang it?

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vickiannette by vickiannette 16 Oct 2011

it's lovely - don't change too much.