by mysugarfootswife 16 Oct 2011

woopee! Over 10,000 flowers. That means that I've been around here a lot. Heck, also means I'm older since I've been here so long! Thanks ladies.


by cfidl 16 Oct 2011

I agree with awesome. Your garden is also awesome! Live Laugh Dwonload Stitch! christine

by kathyjt 16 Oct 2011

Here's another *

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Oct 2011

Just stopped to help you on to the next milestone of flowers. The fertilizer of friendships at work.

by grossfamilie 16 Oct 2011

10094 and - if it was possible - many more flowers for
you! Maria

by terriweistra 16 Oct 2011

On your way to the next 10000 :) Well done

by lindalee757 16 Oct 2011

10083 now =O)

by castelyn 16 Oct 2011

I'm sure he is just joking with you. Here is another *4u Hugs Yvonne

by mysugarfootswife 16 Oct 2011

In order to be young at heart, one would have to have a heart. My hubby says at times that I must have lost mine.

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awesome1 by awesome1 16 Oct 2011

Don't pay no tenshun to kangeroos and husbands!

by awesome1 16 Oct 2011

Not so old if you're young at heart!

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Oct 2011

Congratulations and here is a flower towards your next milestone