by shadoe 13 Oct 2011

Hi I'm looking for some cute earrings design.Does anyone know where any can be found?Thanks


by sewmom 13 Oct 2011

This post has a lot! Remember with the construction on this site, if you click on a Design by Cuties and get 404 not found then add html to the end of the url.

by vickiannette 13 Oct 2011

just for fun, I used the FSL snowflakes that were available as a freebie here. Turned them into earrings. Used a variable thread in shades of blue and they were nice.

by pcteddyb 13 Oct 2011

Yorkio has lots of sets (comes with a charm and earrings) in FSL on her site Her things stitch out beautifully (and I have made a bunch of different ones from her as charms for zipper pulls, etc.).

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shadoe by shadoe 15 Oct 2011

I love her charms my problem is i've got a list of designs under my name which i didn't order and i can't get them removed.I keep trying with no luck,i'd love to order from her,but i don't want the designs that stay on my order/Thanks Jane

by pennifold 13 Oct 2011

Hi Shadoe, have a look at SEWFORUM - I've attaached the first page. If you go to the bottom of the page you will notice there are 4 pages of items. Just click on each highlighted topic e.g. Turkey earrings and it opens up another page with the design. You can then download it. There are a few cute ones on these pages. Love Chris

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shadoe by shadoe 15 Oct 2011

Thanks bunches/Jane

by catsnhorses 13 Oct 2011

Here are some links for FSL and Applique designs to make earrings. has some cute FSL and Applique ones. Search on earrings or charms or FSL

2-I love the ones at StitcheryMall from DesignsbyLynnea.

3-If you're looking for nice FSL Christmas ones, I also like the ones at emblibrary.

4-I understand that Anita Goodesign has some super ones too, although I haven't bought them. I have stitched some of her other work, and that was fabulous even if a tad pricey IMO.

Marion in KY

shadoe by shadoe 15 Oct 2011

Thanks so much/Jane