by myownmail35 10 Oct 2011

Does anyone know of any German sites, pay or free? I am looking for typical German designs, specifically Christmas designs. I will visit my daughter in Germany next month and would love to make her some things with German designs. Thanks so very much!!


by airyfairy 12 Oct 2011

Welcome to the Cute family.

by evajungermann 12 Oct 2011

Hi Myownmail,
I added a link to OESD with international santas and have to tell you that the german santa there is absolutely NOT a traditional german christmas design.
"German" often is mixed up with "bavarian".
Beer, Pretzels, short leather trousers and brass band music with weird clapping dances - this is not typpical for germany, it is bavarian.
So, if you are looking for german christmas, first it depends, if you are in a catholic (south-west) or prostestant (north-east) aerea.
Martin Luther founded the tradition of the christmas child (Christkind = Baby Jesus) bringing the presents, so any design with a child in a kind of night gown I would consider as traditional.
A good example is Kareen Taylersons Christmas Collection.
Nikolaus is another important traditional advent actor and the chubby Coca-Cola advertising guy has nothing in common with him!
Nikolaus' memorial day is the 6th of december (he was a bishop and cared for poor children), and the santas from the OESD card like "sintirklaas" or "pere noel" are close to a traditional german Nikolaus. Often he is accompanied by a rough guy called "Knecht Ruprecht", his job is to punish the "bad" children.
In catholic countries of course nativity scenes are important.
And don't forget nature designs, pinecones and branches, apples- these native plants are traditional christmas designs too.
No poinsettas, holly or cardinals, of course.
Traditional christmas colors are red, white, green and gold.
And I have to mention the Erzgebirge folk art, influenced by traditions of the coal miners, black dressed christmas carolers are f.e. typical for that style.
So many opportunities!
I would love to see your ready project!
I am working on my christmas project too, a winter woodland quilt.

airyfairy by airyfairy 12 Oct 2011

I loved this answer and read it out with glee as my husband is from Munich!!!!!!

ansalu by ansalu 12 Oct 2011

Eva that's just what I meant: Most of the "typical german" designs are bavarian-style ;o)
Greetings, Bettina
PS: Nice to see you back here :-)

by moyed 10 Oct 2011

Try 'sewforum' and search for christmas. There are many different designs from many countries. hugs Helen

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myownmail35 by myownmail35 10 Oct 2011

Good idea, thanks so much!

by zedna 10 Oct 2011

If I were visiting someone in a different country I would take designs from my country. They can buy items with German designs themselves.

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myownmail35 by myownmail35 10 Oct 2011

Always a very good idea, but my daughter is American, active duty Army, and I know she would enjoy German designs. Thanks!

by lidiad 10 Oct 2011

Lots of nice freebies!!!!

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myownmail35 by myownmail35 10 Oct 2011

Thanks a million!!

by ansalu 10 Oct 2011

Some nice nutcrackers and tin soldires are on this german site. Tati (the owner of Stickbär) is also publishing on the Bernina-Blog some christmas-designs and a beautiful rosealpha as freebies.
Ginihouse has also some sweet christmas-designs but most of them are more for kids.
Where do your daughter live here in Germany?
Greetings, Bettina

myownmail35 by myownmail35 10 Oct 2011

My daughter is in Heidelberg. (Imagine my delight to see the recent design in "Designs by Cuties" of Heidelberg!) We lived there when she was 10 too. She is in the Army and my husband too.
Thanks for your help!!

ansalu by ansalu 11 Oct 2011

So she is just 10 minutes away from me :o)
I was born in Heidelberg-Weststadt (not far away from the european headquarter) but moved to a suburb cause of the prices for properties.

ansalu by ansalu 11 Oct 2011

You know that carolyn70 is also coming here to Germany next month to visit ChristieF? We wanna try to organize a german cutie-meeting (hopefully in the middle between Schaffhausen and Heidelberg). Greetings, Bettina

airyfairy by airyfairy 12 Oct 2011

Bettina, I will be coming to Germany next Sept but probably only Munich to see my SIL. Sarah

by gerryb 10 Oct 2011

There's lots of nutcrackers out there. Go to Embroidery Library for a start. Maybe also check out "scenery" as there are usually some Bavarian scenes. Good luck!

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myownmail35 by myownmail35 10 Oct 2011

Thanks so much!!

by ansalu 10 Oct 2011

Hello myownmail35,
first of all: Welcome to Cute :o)
We have some germans here (not only me *lol*) but I have to admit that I don't know very special "german designs". Maybe ko-design is one with this kind of christmas-designs (but pricy). Most of the others that I know made more modern designs or interpretations of santas.
Once I made a list here in a post of german websites but don't know where it is now.
Greetings, Bettina

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myownmail35 by myownmail35 10 Oct 2011

Thanks for your reply, Bettina, and the warm welcome! To me, German designs are like some of the Christmas decorations from Seifen or designs that would look like Christian Ulbricht smokers, nutcrackers, etc. My grandmother was German and German decorations always say "Christmas" to me! Thanks again :)