by dlmds 10 Oct 2011

My "Cute" family, Need your help. I am afraid I have a disease or sickness...I will call it "Fabric Phobia". Have purchased fabric over many have boxes of fabric. However, when I start to do a project...I find that I do not want to use any of the fabric I already have. Now I wonder if I am sick or just selfish!! Thank you for any therapy you maybe able to offer me.


by pennifold 10 Oct 2011

Well girls, you all convinced and inspired me - I just had to go to Spotlight and bought some more FABRIC!!!!! YEH! Like I need it!! I have so much now I have it in boxes in the other bedroom! Mine are nice and neat thought - I'm anal, you know!!

I just wanted that perfect piece of fabric to make Aqualina a dress to compliment Ophelie's. I bought some beautiful navy and white again and then a hot pink floral with gingham check for a sunfrock for Jasana - I just can't help myself! P.S. the little pink thing is a sample of the thingy Ruth needs for her great niece.

Love Chris

by mi30kaja 10 Oct 2011

I used to buy a lot of fabric online. I am still on their mailing list but now delete the message before opening it. Don't was to unsubscribe - Just incase??

by katydid 10 Oct 2011

Oh ! Child we all have it!! I have donated ,mailed , given to a quilt group , thrown away and it still multiplies. We are sick people and " whoever dies with the most fabric wins." my sweetie's son saw this on a bumper sticker and said he thought of me. nice compliment!!!! alright digitizers, gear up , and do a embroidery design that we can wear while shopping for more fabric!!!!

by mi30kaja 10 Oct 2011

Sorry, I can't off any therapy as I suffer from that and a few other diseases. Such as Sock toys, Pincushions etc. Some of the Fabric I have I think is too pretty to cut up. But I am sure we are not the only ones.

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 10 Oct 2011

I have friends who are mad on making quilts. When they show you their new one on the spare bed - there could be 6 to 10 underneath. I think this is a worry.

by greysewist Moderator 10 Oct 2011

Even better poem here. See the one at the bottom -100 ways to hide your stash, LOL.

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 10 Oct 2011

that was so funny. thanks for sharing.

by lilylady 10 Oct 2011

I also had that problem. Thought I had to have new and not use the basement full of fabric I have. A friend came over and we were doing some craft projects and when I said lets go to town and get the material. She said why don't you use what you have. Soooo I told myself this summer, nothing new

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lilylady by lilylady 10 Oct 2011

the rest of my message didn't show up.
and it worked. I have used what I have since.

by emily16838 10 Oct 2011

I just watched an old clip from Alex Anderson TV show. The guest sew all these little pieces of fabric together to make a large piece to cut designs I spent hours and hours sorting colors into plastic shoe boxes. Fabric Phobia....I never throw away a scrap. I just spend my time doing the sillyist things ..But having a blast doing it :D

by drro 10 Oct 2011

This is good news for me...I thought it was a problem unique to me! LOL at all the chat in this post! :>) Thanks for sharing and making me feel OK!

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drro by drro 10 Oct 2011

* 4 all my afflicted cute friends !!
PS: good thing this disease does not require isolation!;>)

by capoodle 10 Oct 2011

I decided to get organized and after I purchased cheap clear plastic containers with lids finding fabric is quicker and I have used more of my collection. I do have a small photo album with a small snip and the size of the piece if over a half yard in size that I'm not going to keep anymore after getting the clear bins. Some that would never get used I just donated along with left over yarn to the senior center and some trims and they were very grateful.

by jussyc 10 Oct 2011

Me2:D, I fall under the symtoms of: Fabric Phobia Horderholic. Im about to complete my 1st Box of pristine folded stashed Fabric. The "1st box" statement is a common sign/trigger of this devastating disease. :)

by justonlyme 10 Oct 2011

Most of the "disease" must have been cured in my area, because all of the fabric stores went out of business. So now I'm careful to choose what I want to use, and what I want to hang on to, for fear that I will never again be able to get it. I think this illness follows another one very closely (hoarding) but that is such an ugly word. Fabric is much nicer. :) Suffer greatly if it pleases you, and keep on stitching.

by greysewist Moderator 10 Oct 2011

Found a nice poem to comfort you :)

sewmom by sewmom 10 Oct 2011


fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 10 Oct 2011

That was even funnier than the other one.

tilde01 by tilde01 11 Oct 2011

Loved this poem. Thanks for sharing.

by greysewist Moderator 10 Oct 2011

Well, Magpies, Bower Birds, and no doubt lots more do it. Menfolk seem to collect model cars and the like and they don't even use them. They just sit there, gathering dust. At least our 'collection' can be used if we find just the right project. I also have a towel and handtowel collection, among others. Basically just about anything that can be embroidered on. Think yourself lucky if it's only fabric that you collect, I'd say!

by wendymay60 10 Oct 2011

I have had this sickness for over 40 years. I have fabric that I made a dress & panties for my daughter when she was turning 2. I also have boxes of wool. I have been saying that I must do somethig with it all. Oneday?

drro by drro 10 Oct 2011


sewmom by sewmom 10 Oct 2011


by moyed 10 Oct 2011

Happily I am like you. I actually 'forget' what I have already bought, see something new and once I get it home, maybe use it.....My duaghter in law to be, has given me a whole bag she decided not to use. Guess she belongs to the group of fabric horders as well. hugs Helen

by darmoola 10 Oct 2011

What a great illness...if I have to be sick this is my illness of choice.

by fannyfurkin 10 Oct 2011

I think we are all the same, the only cure would be don't worry about it and go with the flow.

by darmoola 10 Oct 2011

Me too! Sometimes I just want something a little shopping I go...LOL

by almag 10 Oct 2011

So... there you go!!.... and I thought I was unique!!!

I'm having great fun this year delving into my old fabric and creating things. I think there's something fishy going on though, because even though I've made a few things there's not even a dent in the fabric stash.

Oh, hang on. Maybe that's because I keep on buying new stuff - new season's, prettier, different, 'just in case' pieces.......... Oh! Boy!! and have you seen what's coming out for this Christmas's Sewing Splurge!!!!!!


by castelyn 10 Oct 2011

You sure are not alone. Hugs Yvonne

by snowbird42 10 Oct 2011

i think it is a world wide epidmic i too will confess to countless tubs of fabric my sewing room has "half a house " in it and now has oerflowed to tubs of fabric under the beds and every time you go to start a project i dont seem to have just the right,,,soozie

by rachap 10 Oct 2011

There is no known cure to this epidemic!!

by kryztyna 10 Oct 2011

Seems to me this is a global affliction, I have it too! Cure???? No this is one illness that can't be cured but has side effects too...anyone else buy embroidery cottons in more than one shade of a colour ..just in case or just to ring the changes? Or just because I gotta have it and then buy 2 or 3 rolls of the same colour because I like it?

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capoodle by capoodle 10 Oct 2011

Saw a neat picture where they took their thread collection and designed in into a picture. It looked amazing.

by tolgamum 10 Oct 2011

As yet another afflicted fabric-hoarder, I find I could not possibly have purchesed all this material?? Instead I prefer the theory that like cockroaches or silverfish that breed in dark places - so too does fabric when left unattended. My theory, and I'm clinging to it...after all, the alternative is too disturbing to contemplate. Cheers fellow addicts.

by cfidl 10 Oct 2011

YANA - a new aronym - You Are Not Alone! Yes we have it - what do we do about it! I fight it with encouragement. I have not broken into my fabric because I am doing FSL -, but the same is true, also my company went from 86 colors to 62 so I will lose the ability to replace! Still, I will myself to believe; 1)It is replaceable in one form or another 2) I can use the smaller pieces. 3) It will be beautiful! 4) SOnSO is gonna LOVE IT! 5) Cut the fabric!!!6)CUT THE FABRIC!! And you cut the fabric! It works try it.. You still may get the "customer dissatisfaction - but you will deal with that then!!
Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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cfidl by cfidl 10 Oct 2011

For thread - I use cotton thread!

by stork 10 Oct 2011

This disease is AALOF. An Awful Lot Of Fabric!! ;o)

by sqqeeky 10 Oct 2011

I feel great enjoyment when I go through my fabric and imagine the wonderful things I could make. OCD! My sister-in-law even bought another storage shed so that she could store more fabric! However, I must admit, she does sew alot. I guess she buys more than she sews

by terriweistra 10 Oct 2011

Oops, I have the same disease!!! I cannot go passed a fabric shop without going in and BUYING SOMETHING!!!

by sewfrenzie 10 Oct 2011

So glad its not just me, lol! That or after going through ll thoe tubs I have stashed I find I don't have the righ color or blend of colors! :(

by dlonnahawkins 10 Oct 2011

One piece at a time, my friend. I think we all have a little bit of the fabric hoarder in us.

by blueeyedblonde 10 Oct 2011

It seems there are many of us who are afflicted with this disease! Yup, me toooo! Although, I had had quite a stash once before and when my first husband passed away, I was still able to make things for gifts from what I had and did not have to spend any money for gifts (except at times for a few notions). This was good as I couldn't afford to buy any fabric, so used from my stash and from my scrap boxes. I didn't buy any fabric for quite some time. I now have another stash that for some reason is still there?? What to make??
So, it seems you are definitly not alone.

by cherylgauteng 10 Oct 2011

Not alone, have this disease also. Boxes, cupboards and shelves of it !!

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asterixsew by asterixsew 10 Oct 2011

and never the bit you need?

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Oct 2011

Oh help I am another afflicted Cutie

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dlmds by dlmds 10 Oct 2011

Thank you. It is comforting just knowing I am not alone. H&*

by lenamae 10 Oct 2011

YOu will be suprised what you can do with what you have and love it I can not niy any fabric now and I just make do with what I have and it comes up beautiful this is from my scrap box' It has not been ironed have to do that but I am going to put on a border first.

lenamae by lenamae 10 Oct 2011

sorry my picture must have been to large And I do not know how to make it smaller it is a sunbonnet sue

michemb by michemb 10 Oct 2011

This is lovely, that is why it is so hard to throw anything away, look what can be down with leftovers.

lique by lique 10 Oct 2011


dlmds by dlmds 10 Oct 2011

This is darling. Who is the lucky person that you are making this for? I do like applique...and it is a great way to use up small pieces of fabric. However, I have to cut into my big pieces of fabric in order to get the small pieces. Haha!! Thanks. H&*

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 10 Oct 2011

This is darling - love the little sunbonnets.

gerryb by gerryb 10 Oct 2011

I love that pattern!! My grandmother (born in the 1800's) pieced a full size quilt in that pattern but never finished it. Then my mother finished it & gave it to my daughter! I once asked my daughter what she'd grab after her children if she had to grab & run...without even thinking she said, "My Granny quilt!" I hope the person who gets this will appreciate all the love & work put into it! Beautiful job.

darmoola by darmoola 10 Oct 2011

oooooooh. very nice

lenamae by lenamae 11 Oct 2011

Thank you all so much .This quilt is for my sister . it is the old pattern I have had fun with it and will have even more fun with the next one I plan to make,

by thecraftycritter 10 Oct 2011

Sorry, there is no cure. Better known as obsessive/compulsive disorder - we just have to accept it and learn to live with it. And of all the disorders there are, this one doesn't hurt anyone just brings great comfort to those that have it.

noah by noah 10 Oct 2011

lol great answer i guess i am sick to:):) hugs carolyn

dlmds by dlmds 10 Oct 2011

My daughter has told me for years I have obsessive/compulsive disorder. I have told her she is wrong for years...guess it is me thats wrong. Not sure it brings me comfort. Thanks. H&*

by airyfairy 10 Oct 2011

Oh dear!!! I have the same sickness.....

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dlmds by dlmds 10 Oct 2011

The reason I do not like this sickness is it takes me longer to decide what to make...and it always makes me very happy to give a special person something I have made for them...when I do finally decide Thanks. H&*

by eteaff 10 Oct 2011

I am sick with this disease as well.

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dlmds by dlmds 10 Oct 2011

Do you have any idea what brings this disease on? Thanks. H&*

by lique 10 Oct 2011

Is this contagious? I seem to have a similar problem.

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dlmds by dlmds 10 Oct 2011

Not sure if it is contagious or not. Maybe one of our other family members will be able to answer this. Thanks. H&*