by granniebea 09 Oct 2011

I made a needle holder from Lee's (smithandsmith)blank book pattern. I left out the ribbon holes and will zig zag the 2 pieces together.I will also add some felt for the needles.

Thank you Lee :)


by snowbird42 09 Oct 2011

very nice and cheery colours...soozie

by capoodle 09 Oct 2011

Looks really nice and for the needle book the zig zag is a good idea.

by tippi 09 Oct 2011

Very nice. Love the design

by oaro 09 Oct 2011

great idea great project

by noah 09 Oct 2011

excellent and great color lol

by devon 09 Oct 2011

nice work

by shirlener88 09 Oct 2011

Another design that I haven't seen by Lee - this is super - very nice work - from the two of you. *4U

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granniebea by granniebea 09 Oct 2011

OOps, forgot to say that the pin cushion design isn't Lees.I am not sure wher I got that design.

by rmj8939 09 Oct 2011

A very nice idea.

by edithfarminer 09 Oct 2011

what a super idea.Funny enough I am still using a needle holder form my mother in law who has been dead for about 40 years. is getting really old but find it hard to throw away as she made it.She was a clever needle womand and died far too young. Who knows yours might end up the same lol