by beckybowman 08 Oct 2011

I know I haven't been on in awhile. After Craig's accident, I had to have surgery. Thanks for all the prayers. Craig is back to work now. We all 100%. Thank God. Thank all you cuties who offered up prayers for my and my family.


by dlonnahawkins 09 Oct 2011

Good to see you back, and hope things smooth out for you.

by cfidl 09 Oct 2011

Hi Becky, I am new so I don't think we've met. I am so glad to here a perfect outcome from your ordeal and welcome back to Cute! christine Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Oct 2011

Way to go Christine.

by carolyn70 09 Oct 2011

Glad that all is well now! ~Carolyn~

by 02kar Moderator 09 Oct 2011

It has been a difficult road to walk, but very glad that you are back with us and fully recovered.

by devon 09 Oct 2011

Glad to here that everyone is feeling better. Glad to have you back with us. Hugs DeVon

by mary51 09 Oct 2011

Glad you both are fine, God bless you!

by airyfairy 09 Oct 2011

Great to see you back. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sarah.

by capoodle 09 Oct 2011

Glad to hear you have recovered and able to be back to normal. Another prayer answered.

by shirlener88 08 Oct 2011

Becky it is wonderful that Craig & you are 100% - that is awesome. We did miss you and said prayers for you & him. We hope to see some great PROJECTS soon from you, too.

by patsy28 08 Oct 2011

Glad you both are much better! Glad you are back!