by tolgamum 08 Oct 2011

Is anyone else having problems with their flowers count? Since the change to the new site, mine remained static at 3175..NOW it is rolling backwards and am currently at 3160. How can I stop becoming Cheshire Cat with only a smile remaining - or in this case a number 0? Any suggestions please!


by tolgamum 10 Oct 2011

Thank you all ladies! It seems you have all done the trick and I'm definitely on a high now and am no longer destined to become just a toothsome grin after all.

by katydid 09 Oct 2011

I just gave all on this post a flower. Seems to work OK.

by lindalee757 09 Oct 2011

mine are working fine-as far as I know-hope yours get straightened around -btw-I will give you another to see if your 3195 becomes 3196 after I submit =O) ~linda~

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lindalee757 by lindalee757 09 Oct 2011

I checked-it did!

by airyfairy 09 Oct 2011

Another * 4U.

by lidiad 09 Oct 2011

I like your sense of humor! I can see your number of flowers increasing......

by terriweistra 09 Oct 2011

Here's another flower for you :)

by rmj8939 09 Oct 2011


by obaachan 09 Oct 2011

you BET !!!

by shirlener88 08 Oct 2011

Oh no - we can't have you loosing flowers - keep posting and we will gain them back in no time. Hehehe!

by sewmom 08 Oct 2011

Send a private message to Veronika, her screen name is test. Maybe she can fix it. I get a lot of flowers every day because of my posts so I haven't noticed.

by justonlyme 08 Oct 2011

How very strange. I started writing mine down every day because it felt the same way to me. I think I lost a lot of flowers, but since then, they have been coming back again. There are upsides to going backwards though...if only it happened with more than just flowers. :) Here is another one to help recover your garden!

by cfidl 08 Oct 2011

Maybe we cuties can overcome this problem - first you would have to submit multiple posts daily depending on how fast you are losing and be ttt to do it, for all time! I feel for you darlin! I probably think I was losing it! LOL! Live Laugh Download Stitch! *4U and many more.christine

by devon 08 Oct 2011

Give you flower and hugs. DeVon

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Oct 2011

Well I am sorry that I have no suggestions but have laughed at the thought of all that is left is a smile. Perhaps you could start a trend of reducing flowers...