by babyred 08 Oct 2011

I am trying to purchase some Metro thread. I know the colors are not what the color chart on the website shows. Does anyone have a Metro color chart and can give me the correct numbers for the big spool of white, Christmas red, Christmas green, and bright yellow? I have been trying to buy a color chart but they have been out of stock.I would really hate to buy the wrong color. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.


by nanniesara 08 Oct 2011

I copied and pasted their colors from the web site a while back which gave the name and color#. Sara

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nanniesara by nanniesara 08 Oct 2011

I just sent you a private message. I have the list with the names and color #'s if you like I will send them to you.

by shirlener88 08 Oct 2011

White 1618 & 1619
Red 1656
Green 1754
Yellow 1711

I am only going by the colors I am looking at - no names - but I have used their original color chart on my site - with the names and colors of their thread - if you want to take a look.

babyred by babyred 08 Oct 2011

Thanks Shirlene! You are a doll!!!!!

obaachan by obaachan 08 Oct 2011

THANK YOU SHIRLENE !!!!! I printed this !!

pennifold by pennifold 08 Oct 2011

I just had a look at the colour charts - gee they came up beautifully Shirlene and also had a peek at your large lace angels - stunning! Love Chris

gramsbear by gramsbear 08 Oct 2011

Thanx Shirlene, Beautiful Angels!!!