by aleene 08 Oct 2011

I want to share something that I tried for a light stablizer, the landscape fabric, it is good on dark fabric. it is on sale now at dollar general stores $2.50+ for a 3'X50'roll. I am making a denimn quilt useing it. Sure saves a dollar!


by awesome1 23 Jul 2020

Pls test with iron before using in clothing. My experience gave me stiff scratchy feel on backside. I loved mine for stabilizer when making stuffed animals, for sure...and a few other uses__ but I used to emb on back of shirt & it scratched like crazy!

by peafarm 22 Jul 2020

I came across your post just now online. I just looked at a white and a black roll of this stuff at a store called Rural King---kind of a catch all store in the country for animals, country wear, kind of a hardware, tool store etc. I just mentioned this to my husband about looking like mesh cutaway stabilizer. I think next time I am there I will buy a roll since it is inexpensive and try it---what will it hurt. Maybe wash it first and make sure any chemical might be out of it but I am sure there are chemicals in the ones we buy for embroidery anyways. Just want to make sure really that it doesn't shrink up. Glad I found your post even though it is years old.

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graceandham by graceandham 22 Jul 2020

I buy queen or king bedskirts at the textile outlet for under $4, cut away the beautiful fabric for another project and then use the part that covers the mattress for stabilizer. Again, cheap.

by cfidl 08 Oct 2011

I will check this out - great pics, I know exectly what you are talking bout - and use this as cutaway! christine LLDS!

by justonlyme 08 Oct 2011

Is that the stuff that you put down to keep the weeds down? I have a roll of it and didn't know what to do with it. The deer and raccoons just pull it up here so I'm not going to waste my time in putting any more down. I'll have to give that a try. How does it wash? I'm curious now. I've used the used-up dryer sheets as a stabilizer, and it works great for small projects. I get the unscented kind or would be overwhelmed with the smell.

cfidl by cfidl 08 Oct 2011

You can use new unsecented dryer sheets as stabilizer? I never would have known! Thanks christine LLDS!

aleene by aleene 08 Oct 2011

Yes it is to keep the weeds down, I HAVE SOAKED IT IN HOT WATER TO SEE IF IT FADED AND IT DIDN'T. it is soft and is a cut away.

by nanabs 08 Oct 2011

Never heard if ut before. We have a dollar geneeral store here so I'll be sure to check that out What a great price. thanks for the heads up.

by spendlove Moderator 08 Oct 2011

I think this is what gardeners in the UK call "fleece". They use it to pretect seedlings against the frost.

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aleene by aleene 08 Oct 2011

Where we live it is used to keep weeds down in the spring.

by aleene 08 Oct 2011

mine was wrapped with green label

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aleene by aleene 08 Oct 2011

sorry the pictures didn't up load

by oaro 08 Oct 2011

I love to see a picture of fabric i nerve see fabric at dollar store this is a great buy. Thank you

by mysugarfootswife 08 Oct 2011

Pic here, also. I've never seen the landscape fabric at $ store. Have to look later today. Thanks

by michemb 08 Oct 2011

Would love to see a picture. Have you got one?

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aleene by aleene 08 Oct 2011

if I can reduce the size I'll up load one.