by dilceia 07 Oct 2011

Dear Friends!

I received this email from our dear Deanna. She asks me to give you news of her. Let's all be in prayer for the health of our dear friend.
Miss them all.

email Deanna:

THANK YOU Dilceia...I needed this....I am so very sorry not to be is
taking all my energy right now just to get up and sit...The surgery went
extremely well..Today I received a call from the doctore telling me the
tumor wasn't cancer and it was completely removed...So when i can get
more energy, I will be back CUTE. I truly miss you...You are my ANDEL &
FRIEND,,,THANK YOU FOR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS...tell everyone I said I miss me.
God bless you


by 1allamericangirl 08 Oct 2011

Tell Deanna I send my blessings & hope her a speedy recovery. I know how hard it is as I had 2 major cancer surgeries in 2009 & it is very hard to come back. Specially as we get older. So glad hers was not cancerous. God Bless you for being such a good friend to her.

by kiffuri 08 Oct 2011

Glad to know that Deanna is well and that is not cancer.
My prayers for Deanna.

by claudenicolas 08 Oct 2011

Thank you Dilcea for this new all my prayers to Deanna for a good recovery

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iris2006 by iris2006 08 Oct 2011

Thanks Dilceia for let us know about Deanna, I hope she will recover soon and she can be back on Cute again, she is missed. Thanks and have a great weekend.

by lindaavolio 08 Oct 2011

Thank you Dilceia for the update....We miss you Deanna and will keep you in my prayers for a speeding recovery. God please watch over Deanna and her family and let her health grow stronger everyday to a FULL recovery. Thanking you in Jesus name.

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dilceia by dilceia 08 Oct 2011


by barbara68 08 Oct 2011

Thanks! It is wonderful news! May God bless Deanna.

by stitchship 08 Oct 2011

Thanks for letting us know! I will keep her in my prayers.

by meganne 08 Oct 2011

Holding Deanna in my prayers and my heart. I did not know she was having surgery but knew there must have been something nasty keeping her away from us.

I am so truly relieved and grateful that the results of her surgery are so positive.

Get well soon now dear Deanna, we all miss you and wish you a speedy recovery.
hugs and love, Meganne

meganne by meganne 08 Oct 2011

Oh and thanks to you dear Dilceia for passing on this most important news.
Hugs n love, Meganne

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 08 Oct 2011

you have said all I was thinking Meg

by twee 08 Oct 2011

you are a doll to keep in touch with Deanna, and keep the rest of us posted. Thanks

by airyfairy 08 Oct 2011

Wonderful news. May Deanna get better soon. Hugs Sarah.

by designgirl 07 Oct 2011

Thanks for the update. Keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

by capoodle 07 Oct 2011

I like hearing good news on her successful surgery. Hope she recovers quickly. Thinking of Deanna and sending prayers.

by lidiad 07 Oct 2011

Thanks for this update. Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!!

by jaddas 07 Oct 2011

Thanks for the update. it is good news.
I'll be praying for her

by almag 07 Oct 2011

Dear Dilceia - thank you for the update on Deanna's recovery. Thankyou, too, for being a caring and thoughttul friend.

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dilceia by dilceia 08 Oct 2011

Oh my goodness!!
Thanks, my dear! I love you!

by gayle950 07 Oct 2011

Thanks for the update. So glad it was not cancer. I hope she recovers really quickly and I will pray for her.

by kiffuri 07 Oct 2011

Thank you so much Dilceia, sending Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery. hug.

by theduchess 07 Oct 2011

Thanks for the update. So happy to hear it was not cancer. Prayers.

by noah 07 Oct 2011

Thanks for the update will pray :):) carolyn

by castelyn 07 Oct 2011

Dilceia, thanks so much for the update.
That is great news.

Hugs Yvonne

by sewmom 07 Oct 2011

Thank you. I will be thinking of her and hope she gets well soon.

by chenille 07 Oct 2011

Wonderful to hear good news! Thank you!
Hugs, Nadyne

by fannyfurkin 07 Oct 2011

Thank you for letting us know Dilceia, I was getting worried about her.

by pennifold 07 Oct 2011

How wonderful - it's great to read good news. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. I'm so glad it wasn't cancer. I look forward to hearing more good news! Love Chris

P.S. Thanks Dilceia for informing us of her progress - you are one of God's Angels.

by sqdancer 07 Oct 2011

Thank you so much Dilceia, sending Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery...thank you again for keeping us up to date on how she is doing...hugs to u as well.. x0x0x0

by cfidl 07 Oct 2011

This is the most heart warming message! Cutes are great wonderful, thoughtful, loving women and I am so glad I found you. I get my news, my laughs, and yes some tears... these are happy tears. I have lost a few friends to cancer and I am glad Deanna is not one of them. Yeah! christine Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by shirlener88 07 Oct 2011

Thank you my friend for keeping in touch with your CUTE buddy. It is good to know that Deanna's tumor wasn't cancer and that it was removed completely.

We will continue to pray for her, as well.

by dailylaundry 07 Oct 2011

Dilceia, thank you for letting us know. Bless her heart!! In time, we will hear from her each day, here on Cute. Will be praying for strength for Deanna. Thanks again, Hugs, Laura

by edithfarminer 07 Oct 2011

I am so pleased for her that it is good news. No cancer and all removed. We now can all pray for her speedy recovery. Hugs edith

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Oct 2011

Dilceia thanks for this and sent greetings to Deanna

by debswebster 07 Oct 2011

A Prayer from me to Deanna, for a speedy recovery. Hugs n **'s

by devon 07 Oct 2011

Tell Dear Deanna, she is in our thoughts and prayers. Hope she gets to feeling better soon. Hugs DeVon

by gerryvb 07 Oct 2011

Thank you my dear friend for posting this email. and yes let's pray for our dear Deanna and hope she will feel our love and support. love Gerry

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dilceia by dilceia 07 Oct 2011

I love you!

by dilceia 07 Oct 2011

Dear Friends!
Let us unite in prayer chain for our friend.
God in his infinite mercy, will take care of our Deanna! It is a special friend ... agree?
I miss you! I love you!

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lindaavolio by lindaavolio 08 Oct 2011

Agree in prayer