by kryztyna 04 Oct 2011

Ow Ow, was in a motor accident Sunday, Not a mark on me or the driver , but I have 2 cracked ribs, whiplash and pain to remind me....WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT...I tried to, but it did not fasten. Message to self: AND KEEP THEM IN WORKING ORDER


by greysewist Moderator 05 Oct 2011

Hope you're feeling much better soon -and that the car owner makes sure to keep seatbelts in good order after this experience :) You'll try other seats until you get a working one next time, maybe. Life's lessons can be painful!

by justonlyme 05 Oct 2011

Did you get written up for the faulty seat belt to add insult to injury? It is amazing how much even a little fender bender can hurt. Might you have buckled a shirt tail in to your belt? I've done that before. I hope you heal quickly and can take it easy for a while till you recover. Cracked ribs can hurt so incredibly bad, and there is nothing that can really be done about it. Good luck with your recovery!

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Oct 2011

It is the law in the UK to wear a seatbelt. Sorry to hear about your accident

by capoodle 04 Oct 2011

Have broken some ribs and found a long line bra with stays holds everything still better and makes you have better posture and less discomfort. Really like the newer cars that have a beep to remind the passengers to fasten up. Hope you feel better soon.

by mary51 04 Oct 2011

Glad you are OK Your angel was with you. God protects you.

by rwalden 04 Oct 2011

Count your could have been a lot worse.
I pray you recover quickly from your injuries. Take care and always fasten your seat belts.

by loosie 04 Oct 2011

Glad to hear you are okay, things could have been alot worse, I always check my kids belts even tho they tell me they can do it themselves, it only takes a second to do the pull test to make sure its in correctly. My kids don't like it but it's necessar

by kryztyna 04 Oct 2011

Thanks for the well wishes. I always wear my seat belt, however I was not in my own transport and the passenger seatbelt was not working properly and did not latch correctly. I will always make sure that I know the seat belts in my car are working. It is law here to wear them, but many people neglect to keep them in good nick.

by rmj8939 04 Oct 2011

glad you were not hurt too badly. Seat belts are a must here.

by shirlener88 04 Oct 2011

So sorry to hear about your accident and your injuries - we always wear our seat beat - it is the law.

by airyfairy 04 Oct 2011

So sorry to hear this. Thank goodness you are all right. I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt, so I know it is working. Sarah.

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kryztyna by kryztyna 04 Oct 2011

I always wear my seat belt, but I was not in my own car and the passenger belt did not work properly.

by pennifold 04 Oct 2011

Ouch! you poor thing - it is compulsory to wear Seatbelts in Australia. It is an on the spot fine of $265.00 and a 3 demerit point loss (all drivers are issued with 12 points at the beginning of their driving career). I do hope your ribs heal quickly and that you are on some pain refief. Love and blelssings Chris

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katiemouse by katiemouse 04 Oct 2011

yes we are made to wear them here in downunderland, but it is good to see you are all right, even though I do not know you, it makes a change to have a happy ending, you take care and blessing to you and yours