by louise2333 03 Oct 2011

Has anyone else had problems embroidering on the minky with the dots? Everytime my machine hits one of these dots it totally goes haywire...I am using a heavy tear away on the back and a water solv on top any ideas? Oh I am just trying to test for a cousins baby blanket, putting baby's name on. Thanks


by mianmash 04 Oct 2011

I have embroidered on minky dot fabric without any problems. I used a regular embroidery needle. I have used cut away stabilizer. Sometimes I did not used anything on top, where is was filled design, sometimes I used a tulle netting when I did not have a WSS at home or even a thin plastic wrap with applique, as it takes a time to pull tulle net fabric away and plastic film tears off nicely. The only you need to remember not to put a very hot iron on minky dot fabric as it will ruin the fabric appearance by flattening the dots. I push iron's steam button about 5 times on embroidered design while it is still in the hoop, then I use an old book wrapped in several layer of fabric that fits inside the hoop and press on it with iron to count of 10, repeat it 3 times. This way you train embroidery thread to stay flat even after the wash and no damage to minky dots. I have no idea why you have the problem. Try a new needle and lower the machine's speed to lowest and see what happens. You can then increase the speed in increments if it sews nicely. Hope this is helps.

by louise2333 04 Oct 2011

Thank you all for your answers....I am using a ball point needle and set the speed limiter on the machine. I am going to put a new needle in and try again...must be something to do with how they get that bumpy dot in the fabric that my machine does not like. :)

by airyfairy 04 Oct 2011

I must be really 'stupid' - what is minky?

poohbear by poohbear 04 Oct 2011

minky or minkee is a super soft fur like fabric. It's wonderful for baby blankets. I made a baby quilt with applique monkeys used it for the monkeys. It is pricey, but its sooo soft

airyfairy by airyfairy 04 Oct 2011

Thank you for your answer.

by knitty46 04 Oct 2011

Thank you for your question. My daughter wants me to make my granddaughter a minky with dot. She had one but it wore out. LOL. But it is hard to find the same color. Hers was pink white and brown.

by sewdoctor 03 Oct 2011

You need a ballpoint needle. I have embroidered on Minky with no problems.

by gerryb 03 Oct 2011

I had trouble with that dot minky too. I wasn't embroidering, but just sewing it! Try really slowing your machine down...may work.

by baydreamer 03 Oct 2011

I have never used this fabric, but are you using the right needle. I know there is a special needle for reg. fleece. I wonder if you have to use that type of needle?