by nanabs 02 Oct 2011

Good Morning Cuties. It's cold here where I live and I'm not ready for this yet. Just wanted to know if any of you have tapped into all the designs lately? I just tapped into them all and they work. Looks like we are getting closer to things working again. I haven't checked them for a few days so some of you may already know this. Have a super day.


by jasanne 02 Oct 2011

We are waiting for Spring to arrive here, it warms up for a day or two then gets cold and wet again... Oh well, soon I will be saying it is too hot again!

by capoodle 02 Oct 2011

I'm patient just knowing when it is all fixed it will be a better experience than the site was before. Know how you feel about the weather changing. We had a dusting of snow yesterday and it has been cold and been under a wind advisory.

by mranderson 02 Oct 2011

Hooray!!!!!!!. All good things come to those who wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

by nanabs 02 Oct 2011

Opps flowers for you both. forgot to say that.

by cfidl 02 Oct 2011

Yep, starting downloading last night... Live Laugh Download Stitch christine

by sewfrenzie 02 Oct 2011

I wish they where set up the old way though so it was easier to vote for a specific type of design instead of having to go through all the alphabet ones first.

nanabs by nanabs 02 Oct 2011

Sewfrenzie: On the left side under LABELS click on animals or christmas, any one of those and they are all under each list now. You don't have to go thru Alphabets now. Hope this helps.

nanabs by nanabs 02 Oct 2011

Oh my they don't show on this page on the side so go to top of this page and click on designs then under labels click on each one. They are now there under each catagory.