by nanabs 25 Sep 2011

Hey cuties, how about someone else asking a question for us all to answer. I loved reading what cuties like and dislike and thinking while we are waiting for our Cutie site to get back on track we might just enjoy finding out more about our Cutie friends.


by nanabs 26 Sep 2011

Hi Liz from the Niagara area. Was going to post this after your post but seems like it will not all post so making a new one. About 4 years ago hubby and I took 3 of our grand kids to Niagara falls for a week and had such a great time. I was there about 1960 with my high school choir to sing at a big convention and met a lot ot our astronaughts it has really grown since then. Not all the shops and stuff that is there now. At that time I wouldn't ride that Aero Car but this time we all rode it and scared my grand daughter to tears. She was just 13. Youngest grandson was 5 and he loved it. Oldest grandson was 15. Now we have to get passports that are a little too pricy for us to return. I hoped to take my other 2 grands some day but looks like we will just have to settle for the American side which isn't quite as nice. You do live in some beautiful country. Glad to meet you. Flower for you.

starlizard by starlizard 26 Sep 2011

Hi 'nanabs'! I'm a transplant from Georgia here in Canada... but I do have my citizenship now. Most everybody that was born and raised around here take the Falls for granted... but I never tire of looking at it or hearing the roar of the water.

nanabs by nanabs 26 Sep 2011

Liz: It's sad people take it for granted. If I loved there I'd spend a lot of time at the falls. I love just watching the water and hearing the sound of it. Would love to see it in the winter time.

starlizard by starlizard 26 Sep 2011

Niagara Falls is awesome during the winter holiday season. They have a lights show where you drive through on a particular route to see all the different scenes that they created. The Falls itself, is even lit up with multicolored lights at night.

by bokkieborduur 26 Sep 2011

I'm Marie from Witbank, Mpumalanga. South Africa. I am a cancer. Love to embroider FSL and Quilts for every grandchild. Love to collect about every design that I can get. Love Marie

by starlizard 26 Sep 2011

I'm Liz from the Niagara region of southern Ontario. I've been doing machine embroidery for the last 3 and half years. I'm currently working on rag quilt style quilts. Just finishing up one that I created and digitized 18 designs for. The big thing in my life is my son in the Canadian Forces. I'm a Capricorn born on the worse day of the year to have a birthday... Jan. 2nd. LOL! Any birthday twins out there?

by melnic 26 Sep 2011

Another Leo from Gauteng South Africa - not a very active Cutie but love reading what the community does. Fourth membership and have seen a lot of changes, old Cuties dead quiet & a lot of new ones. Agree I can't wait for the site to be sorted as I refer back regularly for colour codes and ideas. I do whatever I'm asked to assist with and love working with felt as the sky is the limit. Currently busy with toppers attached with velcro to tea cloths.

by nanabs 26 Sep 2011

Well I'll post again here. I am Judy from Ohio (USA) and I love to embroider Snowmen, Halloween things, Baby stuff and friend sayings. Hmm Guess you could say I just love to Embroider. I am a Cancer. Flowers for you all.

by terriweistra 26 Sep 2011

I am Terri (the Tigger, ha ha) from South Africa. Sign : Leo. Like embroidering flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, I love FSL bowls and coasters too.

by susiesembroidery 26 Sep 2011

Hello fellow Cutie. I am Susie from Durban, South Africa. Sign: Aries (was born on Good Friday!!!!)Love to embroider baby things and Victorian Ladies and gardens. Hugs to you all and a flower.

by cherylgauteng 26 Sep 2011

I am Cheryl from Johannesburg South Africa
Sign - Sagittarian
Embroidery preference - dragonflies with metallic thread

by barbara68 26 Sep 2011

Which your preferred embroidery? I like flowers to embroider.

by leely 26 Sep 2011

Well, let's share something that isn't too personal :) like.... what's your sign?? :)

I'm Aries :)

by dilceia 25 Sep 2011

Hello nana! You are new to me. Welcome!
I like your idea!
I'm a little absent here, I have a lot of work by Christmas, but soon I'll be back.
I'm Dilceia, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

A big hug!!

nanabs by nanabs 25 Sep 2011

Hi Dilceia: This is my 3rd or 4th membership here can't remember how many for sure. When I was working I didn't get on here to post a lot just collected patterns. Now that the shop where I worked closed I'm here more often but hadn't posted a lot till I could afford to re-new my membership. My real name is Judy and I'm from Ohio USA. Glad to meet you and hope to post a lot more since I'm still job hunting. I think there is another Judy on here so I just go by Nana. Hugs right back to you a *4U

nanabs by nanabs 25 Sep 2011

(sorry it didn't finish post)
till I re-newed my membership. My name is Judy from Ohio (USA) Nice to meet you. Sending a big hug back to ya. I should have more time to post now. Gave you a flower.