by thecraftycritter 24 Sep 2011

Betty's Bonnets:

After seeing the old post resurrected decided to show you these. My best friend’s birthday was in August, she is a quilter and has always wanted to make the Monthly Sunbonnet by Betty’s Sunset Threads but doesn't have an embroidery machine. I made up the full set of quilt squares in the 5x7 size plus added a few special ones for her - she lives in Texas, had her 70th birthday, and got her permit to carry the week before her birthday. Also put in her three closest friends - another quilter (not me I don’t) a minister, and a gardener. It was great fun - I can’t wait to see how she finishes it.


by terriweistra 26 Sep 2011

Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing. I have some of the designs from Anne the Gran (many moons ago) I tried them when I was VERY new at machine embroidery & my thread kept on snapping Perhaps now that I am 'older' at embroidery i will try again

by jenne 26 Sep 2011

At one time some of these were free at Ann the Gran it has been awhile

asterixsew by asterixsew 26 Sep 2011

Chris Pennifold posted a link recently to the old AtheG website

thecraftycritter by thecraftycritter 27 Sep 2011

The ones at ATG were for the 4x4 hoop, it was necessary to purchase the 5x7. I did get the months, days of the week, and a file of miscellaneous to have the best selection.

by mysew1325 26 Sep 2011

these are beautiful..

by patsy28 26 Sep 2011

Awesome set! What a special gift for your friends!! Please do share the final project. I would love to see how she finishes it. Great job!!

by shirlener88 26 Sep 2011

Thanks for the design info and especially about your friend - please share the finally project with us, too. *4U

by ramona 24 Sep 2011

What a wonderful friend you are. She is going to be so surprised with these. I'm sure she won't be able to wait to get on this quilt project. Thanks for sharing

by edithfarminer 24 Sep 2011

Love them all. I have them but found that some were not embroidering out terribly well. Was making some myself too, but just no time and forgotten how to do so now lol. think she will be thrilled

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thecraftycritter by thecraftycritter 24 Sep 2011

Same problem with some. Stabilized the fabric with dissolved WSS and then used a heavy tear away on the back. These were digitized quite a while ago so some of the knowledge we have today doesn't apply, but loved the super designs and they were worth the extra work.

by capoodle 24 Sep 2011

Nice way to stay connected with your friend. Like the special birthday cake with the "70" in candles.

by ansalu 24 Sep 2011

What a great idea and this made it a very personal present :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by devon 24 Sep 2011

great job