by raseitz 22 Sep 2011

I am in need of unbiased opinions :)

I can't decide if the daisy head should go to the left or to the is my latest blog post where you can see both images. Feel free to comment there or here.

Thanks for the help


by gjemptynester 25 Sep 2011

Definitely to the RIGHT. It is more balanced this way. Lovely!

by mjdg 24 Sep 2011

My opinion.... right

by cfidl 23 Sep 2011

To the right for sure. Angels looking left are looking away. Being FSL it doesn't matter but here it does. Live Laugh Download Stitch! christine

by sewmom 23 Sep 2011


by dlonnahawkins 23 Sep 2011

To the right -

by edithfarminer 23 Sep 2011

for me too, to the right

by susiesembroidery 23 Sep 2011

I think the face should be to the right because that makes the flower seem more natural. (LOL) Good luck. Your alpha looks great.***

by raseitz 23 Sep 2011

I forgot to mention - the final daisy petals WILL be white, but i have TONS of white test fabric so I stitched it out in pink so everyone could see it against the white fabric.

It looks like almost everyone likes the daisy head going to the 3 people - me, my friend Brandy, and sewfrenzie.

by sewdeb 23 Sep 2011

I'll fall in with the consensus - to the right looks good to me. Seems somehow to be more "part of the letter" that way. Hugs and *'s to all

by anangel 23 Sep 2011

Facing right looks best, as it's "face" seems to be
beaming towards the sunlight!! LOL

by leenova54 23 Sep 2011

I really think it looks a lot better to the right. Just my opinion.

by sewfrenzie 23 Sep 2011

My thinking is to the left like the other one. I guess I see things a little differnetly, lol!

by mysugarfootswife 23 Sep 2011


by ethan 23 Sep 2011

I think it looks perfect going to the right. G

by snowbird42 23 Sep 2011

I like it goin to the right is somehow looks more balanced......soozie

by mrstunes 23 Sep 2011

I like it goting to the right. I would add one more petal to the other daisey,probably on the upper right side. Very nice design! Very life like!

by christief 23 Sep 2011

Facing right loooks good to me!

Christie in Germamy

by mops Moderator 23 Sep 2011

To the right I think.
I read your blog about the napkins and how to place the designs all in the same spot. It's a piece of cake if you digitise (which you do) and have a hoop that's large enough.
Just digitise a corner in a single line. That's part of the outline of your napkin. Now place your design exactly where you want it. When embroidering stitch colour #1 on stabiliser, put your napkin on the stabiliser just touching the stitched line and embroider the rest. Perfect placement each time.
Here's an example. You can of course turn the design 45 degrees if that fits your hoop better. I use the method on all sorts of things, like the pants and hoodie I posted lately.

sewdeb by sewdeb 23 Sep 2011

Mops! You rock! LOL! You always have the best tips, info, advice! Thanks for the visual, too! Hugs and *'s

ansalu by ansalu 23 Sep 2011

Martine what a great idea. I often have problems with the position and even more if I had to do more than one piece! By the way: Love your little rabbit ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

mops by mops 24 Sep 2011

Thanks. Actually, it's supposed to be a hare. I did this for my neighbour who's name is Hazenberg (Hare hill) for a family reunion.

deeside by deeside 24 Sep 2011

Mops, I don't digitise. Is there any chance of this single line corner being available in DBS please - if it's not already there of course! Thanks.

by rmj8939 23 Sep 2011


by terriweistra 23 Sep 2011

Definitely right

by ansalu 23 Sep 2011

To the right looks better :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by sadp 23 Sep 2011

Facing right looks good, S*

by shirlener88 23 Sep 2011

I like it facing right.

by coachmenlemon 23 Sep 2011

I like it to the right. Norma

by fannyfurkin 22 Sep 2011

I tried to add a comment on your blog but you must need to approve it because I can't see it there now. I like the right. Looks like the majority vote.

by bonnetgirl 22 Sep 2011

I like the right.

by riley4 22 Sep 2011

i like it to the right.have a nice night.

by i2amanana 22 Sep 2011

FOR SURE - white daisy head to the right.

by pennifold 22 Sep 2011

I've had a look at your blog and I too prefer the daisy head going to the right! Love Chris

by adavisx3 22 Sep 2011

I agree - white daisy head to the right.

by noah 22 Sep 2011

to the right lol carolyn

by blueeyedblonde 22 Sep 2011

I like the white daisy with the head to the right.

by suezz 22 Sep 2011

Well here is my 2 cents. I like the white daisy with the head going to the right.
Sue *4U