by babie 17 Sep 2011

Wing needle design - I went to the shop this morning to get needles and then saw the wing needle. I ended up not only buying the needle but also some design from Threadnscissors - this is my first try. Did it on a pillow case just as a first and are pretty satisfied with the result.


by patsy28 17 Sep 2011

Great job!!! I love it!!! I haven't used a wing needle, I must try it!

by shirlener88 17 Sep 2011

I love wing needle work - it is so delecate and heirloomish.

by snowbird42 17 Sep 2011

i just love the things you can do with a wing needle,,,,soozie

by dani58 17 Sep 2011

very nice, I love the rose!!!!

by loosie 17 Sep 2011


by tippi 17 Sep 2011

Turned out just beautiful.

by capoodle 17 Sep 2011

Really like how this stitched out for you.

by carolyn70 17 Sep 2011

Wow, how pretty. I bought a wind needle but sill have yet to use it. This design looks as though you could put it at the top of a little cloth purse that you cinch together with a ribbon pull using the button holes to weave the ribbon through. Love it!!!!~Carolyn~

by bumblebee 17 Sep 2011

I have these designs but haven't tried them out yet
but so glad you shared for us to see. It turned out
very preety.

by rwalden 17 Sep 2011

It's really pretty. Nice work.

by noah 17 Sep 2011

i love your rose great work hugs carolyn