by almag 13 Sep 2011

It works!!!! The flowers stick!!!!

Thanks to Sewdoctor who put me on the right track.
When you give someone a flower click on 'back to message list' instead of your Browser Arrow and your goodwill gift will stay put.

Thought I'd just make my success a feature in case someone else is still getting frustrated with disappearing flowers.


by clawton 14 Sep 2011

That's what I figured out yestaday after playing around. However, you may be on page 5 when you are answering a question or reading. By clicking"back to message list" it takes me back to page one! The browser arrow would just take you back one step (where you were).

by drro 13 Sep 2011

Yes, and the flowers seem to be "popping up" faster today!! YIPPEE!!

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drro by drro 13 Sep 2011

Fleurs for all here!!

by sewdoctor 13 Sep 2011


by bumblebee 13 Sep 2011

Thank You- I think I've been losing the flowers I have been giving.

by blueeyedblonde 13 Sep 2011

thanks - I'd had that happen in dbc, but as long as I gave flowers and then went to the next page it then stayed.

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drro by drro 13 Sep 2011

It did the same for me:>)