by jasanne 06 May 2008

I made this poncho for my daughter. The pony is from Embroidery Library, with crystals dotted around to look like stars


by shirlener88 07 May 2008

jasanne, welcome to the 'CUTE' family - thank you for posting such a wonderful project. *4U

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jasanne by jasanne 08 May 2008

thank you for the welcoming words Shirlener and everyone else too. You all seem a lovely bunch of ladies.

by joaniessw 07 May 2008

Very sweet and beautiful jasanne. I am sure she just loves it. Also, welcome to our "Cute" family. *4U ><>

by shirleysisson 07 May 2008

Welcome to the 'Cute' family. This is very cute. Girls just love the glitz!! *4U

by mad14kt 07 May 2008

L O V E L Y ;)

by simplyrosie 07 May 2008

The crystals did the trick! Adorable sparkles! Nice job.

by iris2006 07 May 2008

Very sparkling *4U

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iris2006 by iris2006 07 May 2008

Sorry, forgot tou welcome you to this site, have fun and don;t forget the free designs. *4U

by mops Moderator 07 May 2008

Beautiful poncho and the crystals add a nice sparkle.

by clawton 07 May 2008

Very nice. It looks great.

by letvia 07 May 2008

Wonderful work. Did you make the poncho too? Did you use a pattern? I am asking you because I want to make a poncho for my GM, she loves ponchos and I am looking for a pattern but can't find it. Flower and XoXo

jasanne by jasanne 07 May 2008

Yes I made it from a pattern i drafted off a poncho her sister had. I can send you instructions how I did it if you like.

letvia by letvia 07 May 2008

Oh that will be wonderful, thank you so much. My email is at my profile. Thank you again. You are so nice.

by lbrow 07 May 2008

This is the answer to any little pony loving little girl's dream. I know she loves it. Welcom to our fmly. We r glad to have U *4U

by gerryvb 07 May 2008

this is beautiful !

by poppet 07 May 2008

How beautiful my grand daughters would all love one! Well done * flowers & hugs

by elenu 07 May 2008

Your daughter must have been very happy with this Jasanne The white horse is a lovely design on the dark background.

by dkjack 07 May 2008

Very pretty. Do you remember where you got the design?

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jasanne by jasanne 07 May 2008

Embroidery Library. It is called Fantasy Pony

by sqdancer 06 May 2008

Really cute, lets see a picture of her wearing it...*4U

by jrob Moderator 06 May 2008

Adorable! My DGD would LOVE this!;)

by katiemj 06 May 2008

Just the thing to keep your daughter nice and warm, nice job done.