by dlmds 10 Sep 2011

Shirlene I wanted to thank you for your suggestion about how to beable to use designs that would not show up in my Layout & Editing. I had one that would not open this morn. As you said...I went to my Gallery Plus I did have to change it to hus then from hus I was able to change it to a pes that I could use in Layout & Editing. I am writing this here in hopes it will be of help to others. Hugs to all.


by shirlener88 10 Sep 2011

Sally, I am so happy that I could help you - it is never easy trying to figure out - how to get a design that has been formatted on a newer version software than the tested one that you have and don't want to upgrade to the newer version - but with this method - you will enjoy all those designs - I found that it is easier to do this in this manner than any other that I have tried as well - 1st convert to HUS and then back to PES and save it in your file and when you want it - you can bring it into the Layout & Editing or write it to your USB from you file. Thanks for posting - there may be another that can use the info, too. *4U

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dlmds by dlmds 12 Sep 2011 are a jewel!! Thanks again. H&*

by noah 10 Sep 2011

yes our friend Shirlene is great to help her cute friends out aren't cutties the best lol hugs carolyn

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 10 Sep 2011

All the CUTE family is wonderful, thank you.

by cfidl 10 Sep 2011

Are you talking about in Embird? I do this in Wilcom and just downloaded the trial of Embird.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Sep 2011

No I believe she is talking about "Studio Plus Designers Gallery"

dlmds by dlmds 10 Sep 2011

No not Embird. I have Palette 7. I have been told by experts that Embird is one of the Best and is reasonably priced. If I was to purchase another software it would be Embird. H&*

dlmds by dlmds 10 Sep 2011

Oh I forgot I do also have the SPDG as crafter said. Hugs

cfidl by cfidl 10 Sep 2011

Thank you!