by hefoltis 05 May 2008

This is a shirt I made for my daughter-in-law for her birthday. The flowers on the front are from emblibrary, The flowers on the back were some I got from Apr 01 go_7 on one of my free designs sites and the center was listed as Floralscroll, another free design. Helene


by simplyrosie 07 May 2008

How beautiful! I'm sure she will just love this shirt.

by lbrow 07 May 2008

U did a beautiful job on the shirt Hefoltis, this will b a shirt DNL will be proud to wear *4U

by clawton 05 May 2008

Very pretty!

by shirlener88 05 May 2008

Helen, this is lovely work - great to know - that some of those free designs are used up - Hehehe! Wished I had them. *4U

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hefoltis by hefoltis 08 May 2008

Thanks for the compliment. I use a lot of the free designs from Cute Embroidery on items for my four great-grandchildren. (No. 5 is due any day and number 6 in December.) They keep me so busy I have a hard time doing embroidery for customers.

by joaniessw 05 May 2008

Very lovely shirt. Nice combination of flowers. *4U ><>

by jrob Moderator 05 May 2008

That was quite an undertaking....5 diff. hooping and 3 designs. Nicely put together! She will love her present.;)

by sqdancer 05 May 2008

Very nice job of combining different designs hefoltis...I am sure DIL will be very proud to tell all her MIL made her this....*4U

by mad14kt 05 May 2008

C U T E ;)

by sueffb1 05 May 2008

Very pretty I know you DIL will enjoy this shirt. Nice sewing work. *4U sue

by kkcogle 05 May 2008

very pretty! great choice of designs!

by ezzemml 05 May 2008

Hi i like this verymuch good job.. :-)

by gerryvb 05 May 2008

it looks great!

by elenu 05 May 2008

I like these flowers on the yoke Hefoltis, the design across back is very effective - your DIL will be happy with it.