by cclark 06 Sep 2011

I need advice. I want to make the bugs in a jar from my garden embroidery. What thickness if vinyl would work best?


by mops Moderator 07 Sep 2011

When I uploaded my jar in DBC I used a see-through document pouch as it was the only thing I had on hand - far from ideal although it did the job. Since then I have used clear table covering. The local hardware store had only one thickness, so I can't tell you what gauge to use, but I think you got sound advice on testing the thickness.

by almag 07 Sep 2011

I've only skimmed the other messages but here's one idea.
I just received my Bag Making Fornightly Pattern and this time it's a tote with a window. They suggested using table cover plastic for their around-6" square tote window. This plastic is sturdy but not rigid, nice and clear, too, for using on beautiful tables.
If the quilt is to be a wall-quilt thick plastic would be good but if it's to be a cuddly quilt.... well, I've often wondered about which plastic to use, too.

by cfidl 07 Sep 2011

Duh - you are talkin clear vinyl, I happen to have gotten the end of bolt when I purchased mine and I selected 12 gauge. personal opinion, not too thick, not too thin. LLDS Live Laugh Download Stitch christine

by noah 06 Sep 2011

i went to a hardware store and bought the kind that cover a fancy table cloth it was very thin and worked well hugs carolyn

by linda8450 06 Sep 2011

Gauge by mm is so you can tell them apart, and ask for what you want, but what if you don't know what you are supposed to want? Really thin, light weight or small guage would not the next size up, or thicker gauge would be good. Too heavy isn't going to be best, but would still work. I don't think there is a real rule of thumb here. I have used medium guage to make "windows" for toy bags, bug jars and snow globes. Had some heavy and used it but was really too thick for t-shirts, would have been good for a tote bag. I think if you have hands-on, pull or tug alttle at the corner and if it really stretches go up one thickness. Help at store should be able to tell you and on-line go for not the smallest guage, but a little heavier (higher number guage) should be fine...and do avoid that iron! Linda

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cclark by cclark 07 Sep 2011

Thanks for the advise!

by katydid 06 Sep 2011

I noticed that Joannes list by gauge which meant nothing to me??? I supposed the lightest weigh or thinner would work. caution, if it is for the grandchildren, tell Mon not to put an iron on it!!!

by loosie 06 Sep 2011

Awesome! I was just wondering if this could be done, I'm thinking of using the book of spells design in DBC as a journal cover for a Harry Potter fan, I was surprised this was possible. Thank you for asking this question!

by jrob Moderator 06 Sep 2011

I went to Walmart when I was making mine and bought some of the plastic that people used to use to cover furniture....or apparently they still do as it is still available! It worked perfectly and didn't score and tear.

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cclark by cclark 06 Sep 2011

My Wal-mart had 5 different thinknesses. I bought the thin & the next one up.

by cfidl 06 Sep 2011

Hi, I was doing similar research. here are a few links:Vinyl vinyl on towels Vinyl Coin purse from Urban Threads Live Laugh Download Stitch! christine

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cclark by cclark 06 Sep 2011

Thanks - I checked the first two earlier. They don't give any indication of thinkness. The vinyl on the towels is the very thin stuff used for embossing on towels. I'll check Urbanthreads.

by sandralochran 06 Sep 2011

I used the plastic-- from hardware shop. Can get it in different thickness. I used the a thin one -worked well. Yoriko will help you

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Sep 2011

Good question. I would like to know too. Maybe Yoriko will see this and have the answer.

by cclark 06 Sep 2011

Thank should read "What thickness of vinyl would work bext?"

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cclark by cclark 06 Sep 2011

Does anyone have any answers?