by kkcogle 04 May 2008

ladies...this was a SMALL show for me! lol... It is nice when I don't have to set up for a big one!! It was pretty typical of a Spring show...slow, but I did sell and did make some money...and the purses were a hit! Didn't sell out (lol) and did come home with a couple that I've had my own eye my peace purse, which is probably the one I'm going to use next! I was able to get a couple adult size sweatshirts also made to take, one design was the beach scene, and I added "Manistee Beach" to the bottem...the other was the morning glory design. I don't like to take orders...but came home with orders for more of the Manistee Beach sweatshirts...oh well...they will get them when I get them done! I didn't get a picture of the display of purses and sweatshirts with my table, because the lady next to me, didn't show I waited until the show started...then S-P-R-E-A-D out into her space...using her table and put my purse display between the two spaces. It's always nice when you are next to the person who dosen't I've been doing shows long enough, to know that leaving a space empty isn't good. So, with the organizers permission...I got to spread! I posted a picture of my booth, with the soap, lotion, body sprays, linen sprays, candles, etc...but also will try to get you a link to my new blog that I have started as well. Hopefully, I can manage the link!


by shirlener88 04 May 2008

Kim, great job - if you were happy with the outcome - then all is well. Hehehe! *4U

shirlener88 by shirlener88 04 May 2008

Great display - I would love to learn to do that, one day.

kkcogle by kkcogle 04 May 2008

my advise...don't start! lol bath & body stuff is just too much fun to do! I've probably made everything you can think least one time. Now, I just stick to the good sellers...soap, lotion (aka my Body Yogurt), body spray, linen spray, lip balm, solid lotion sticks, vacuum cleaner potpourri...shaving soap...still too much, but fun to do! Embroidery fits in well...I took a "leave of absence" in embroidery for about 10 years...then got back into it last fall....WHEN my new niece needed her first birthday bib....and AUNT KIM decided she needed a new embroidery machine...and it just happened all over again! Honestly, though...I think, well, I KNOW you would love making soap! You should really give that a try!!!!

by kttyhwk4 04 May 2008

WOW! Your set up is very professional looking. You've really been a busy gal.

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kkcogle by kkcogle 04 May 2008's taken a few years to get it like this.

by nglover1 04 May 2008

KK , Very nice display . Maybe the next Show will do better. It always seems I do better in the fall & Christmas shows . A flower for you.

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kkcogle by kkcogle 04 May 2008

yes...fall and Christmas are waaaayyy better for me, too. I only did this one because it was $10.00 a table...and went to a good cause, the wives of the local reserves. And...because I needed some motivation to "get it together" for my farmers markets! lol

by sqdancer 04 May 2008

My gosh kk you are one busy lady how do you ever find the time to come on line .... *4U

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kkcogle by kkcogle 04 May 2008

I call it "recess"

by lbrow 04 May 2008

It looks fantastic kk & very professional *4U

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kkcogle by kkcogle 04 May 2008

thanks! I can't wait until the end of the year for my big shows again, to add all the fun embroidery!

by dkjack 04 May 2008

Very pretty display. Professional look. Very impressive!

by marjialexa Moderator 04 May 2008

Best of luck to you! I see the pretty baby kitty onesie! Marji

by sueffb1 04 May 2008

kkcogle, did the precious baby outfit sell? I see it in the picture and it looks so cute. This does look like a lot of work to set up but I do hope it is worth all your sewing time and "show" time. Great picture. Sue

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kkcogle by kkcogle 04 May 2008

no...didn't sell the little outfit. I had a couple people look at it, but I put $14.00 on it (tried to recoupe all the $$$ I spent on all of and they thought it was real cute. I plan on making a few more...hopefully with a few more shoppers I'll start selling them!

by coco128 04 May 2008

WOW ... WOW ... What a beautiful job you did displaying all your items. You really are a very busy lady. I'm impressed ... a bouquet of **** for you!!

by kkcogle 04 May 2008

another try to the link....

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dkjack by dkjack 04 May 2008

Very impressive. I like it!

by kkcogle 04 May 2008

here's the link to my blog...hopefully! by the way, ZOLA WAVE was my grandma's name. I've always loved that this is a tribute to her! My dad was giddy when I told him what I had choosen for a blog name!