by lilylyn 03 May 2008

Hello everyone - as I am new to this site I would like to know how to read the rest of messages that have "more" at the end. I can seem to open them Hope you can put me straight


by nglover1 04 May 2008

lilylyn , Welcome to the Cute Family, I like you have your answr but here is a flower for you.

by gerryvb 04 May 2008

you've got your answer alread, so I just add my welcome here

by debbierussell 04 May 2008

congratulations on 100 *s lilylyn

by debbierussell 04 May 2008

Welcome to our cute site .Glad to see all the new people turning up lately.*4u

by elenu 04 May 2008

It is a little confusing at first Lilylin but you'll very soon find your way and feel at home.

by ruthie 04 May 2008

You've got your answer lilylyn, so I'll just say welcome and give you hugs and a flower sweetie.

by mops Moderator 04 May 2008

Welcome and I hope you'll feel free to ask any question you like and post a few projects as well. Flower for you.

by shirlener88 04 May 2008

lilylyn, welcome to the 'CUTE' family and we hope to see more Q&A from you. *4U

by dkjack 03 May 2008

Welcome lilylyn. Join us often. Ask any question and someone will be able to help you.

by auntbaba 03 May 2008

Welcome lilylyn! Please join us often.

by nurselilly 03 May 2008

i see your question has been answered but i would like to say welcome :) * 4 u

by blackie 03 May 2008

thanks for answering this - have been wondering myself for some time. jrob good job - all you cute family are so helpful and inspirational * 4 u.

debbierussell by debbierussell 04 May 2008

Welcome to you too *4u

jrob by jrob 04 May 2008

Thank you blackie and welcome dear!;)

by lilylyn 03 May 2008

Thank you all for helping me. Will try out your advice. Have a good day.

by jrob Moderator 03 May 2008

just look for another post by the same person on further down in the que. Sometimes it is at the bottom, but if someone comments instead of answering the question, it will move it back up to the top. The easy way is just to look for the same person's name. Welcome, we've been hoping you would stop by! Great to have you here and hope to see lots more posts from you!;)

by lbrow 03 May 2008

Raels answ. it 4 U dear, & that's one I guess a lot us us asked when we first came on board, Welcome aboard. *4U

by raels011 03 May 2008

this just means there is more to read as it can't all be put in question. All you have to do is click on the question and screen down until you get to the end of the answers and comments to see the end of the question Hope this helps