by basketkase 03 Sep 2011

so that he could identify what went with what...after every letter I uploaded, I did the wifely duty and went out to see how he was doing and offer my help, trying hard not to walk on anything TOO you know did quite a few letters, so I did quite a few "sidewalk supervisor" visits. After a few trips I heard him complaining that some of the stuff did not have the letters on them and he was having to try to figure out by the diagram where these things went......took longer, but he figured it out..........well, when I got up this morning, I picked up my socks to throw them in the wash and on the bottom was M, J & T little stickys............LOL!!! I ain't telling him........are you?


by basketkase 04 Sep 2011

Update......I have stronger magnets on my cabinet now so I was able to take my towel out....YEA!! Flooring has begun in the hallway and I already heard "you got to be kidding".....I don't even want to know what he was referring to, I am just staying right here typing............I hear a loud saw thing.....there will be blood..........

by lenamae 04 Sep 2011

Thaks for the chuckle I had the same experance with mine but my husband used a electric screwdriver and me telling him not to because he had never used one OH HOW HARD ARE THEY TO USE well he ran all the screws through the sides really messed it up.

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basketkase by basketkase 04 Sep 2011

LOL........LenaMae.....that is so typical, mine ran a screw from the bathroom into our bedroom when installing a medicine cabinet and I didn't even swipe any of his stickers!!!!!!!

by bokkieborduur 04 Sep 2011

Tell him. Tell him and look at his face. LOL. Love Marie

by mranderson 04 Sep 2011

Awwwwww come on!!! come on!!!! tell him, tell him, I am sure he will see the funny side of it, after all you were doing alphas. LOL. Marg

by rmj8939 04 Sep 2011

I never heard a thing.(-:

by tilde01 04 Sep 2011

You want us to tell him what?? I didn't see or hear anything to tell him?

by killiecrankie 03 Sep 2011

Loved reading this.I don't trust my husband to put things together because he usually doesn't read the instructions properly & always has something left over. He is only needed at times for holding things in place while I screw the screws in or occassionally when brute strength is required because the holes do not line up

by stork 03 Sep 2011

THanks for the wonderful laugh. I have vision of your hubby while he is working on this and then I think of myself when just last month I was putting together a desk and two cabinets that were the same way. I really must have been some picture crawling around on the floor. Darn...those elusive letters anyway! LOL

by flomacm 03 Sep 2011

My lips are zipped! Too funny. Thanks for the smile.

by shirlener88 03 Sep 2011

I promise - I will not tell him.

by nanniesara 03 Sep 2011

Too funny, love it if he is like mine he gets irritable when he is working on things so I would rather do it myself. But I can see you now oops those darn stickers. LOL Sara

by justonlyme 03 Sep 2011

What you need to do is put those stickers on HIS socks. Then be surprised to find them there. :)
I have never heard of to-be-assembled items coming with little stickers. I guess that beats the diagrams that have been through three language translations and drawn by someone who doesn't exactly understand the instructions. I have one of those microwave cabinets that have the magnetic doors that don't stay closed. I put a wooden spoon through the handles. It has been that way for the last couple of decades, and seems to work just fine.

marjialexa by marjialexa 03 Sep 2011

MMffffff, love the idea of putting the stickers on HIS socks, hee hee hee, oh, I could just hear him!!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 03 Sep 2011

Yes, do that!!!!

mommajo by mommajo 04 Sep 2011

Oh yes I vote for this one too

ansalu by ansalu 04 Sep 2011

Wonderful idea :o)
Could you take a pic when he turns his socks *lol*
Greetings and thanks for the laugh

basketkase by basketkase 04 Sep 2011

LOL to all of you!!!!!!!

by jid53 03 Sep 2011

That it so good there is nothing better than to start the day with a good laugh

by capoodle 03 Sep 2011

lol . . . My lips are sealed.

by noah 03 Sep 2011

lol sooooooooooo fuuny men:):)hugs carolyn

by bumblebee 03 Sep 2011

OH way too funny!

by clawton 03 Sep 2011

It is always nice to have a good laugh! Just hope he got the m,j, and t in the correct place.

by jrob Moderator 03 Sep 2011

That's too funny! Good thing you didn't have to get down to look for a screw on your knees with the soles of your thieving socks showing!

by cfidl 03 Sep 2011

OK new here - who is him - he must be on this site.

by lani02 03 Sep 2011

Funny story, no tell, keep up with the Ripple Alpha, great alpha.

by sewbadly 03 Sep 2011

I won't tell your husband, but I DID tell mine. We both got a good chuckle out of it. Then, as I read further and learned the doors don't stay shut... that was just the icing on the cake.
Great story.

by blueeyedblonde 03 Sep 2011

That is just so funny! Still laughing. Well, at least haaving leftover letters is better than leftover screws!
I won't tell him - my lips are sealed! hehe

by hightechgrammy 03 Sep 2011

That's a great one, Vick! I wouldn't confess either, some things are just better told to girl friends! he he

by quilter124 03 Sep 2011

this was just what I needed this morning....what a great laugh you gave me....I have been there and know what you are talking wasn't me, but our kids that did funny and brought back great memories.....

by lulu07 03 Sep 2011

LOL, well at least he didn't have any screws left

by cj2sew 03 Sep 2011

I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. You know you could blame it on the cat......

by asterixsew Moderator 03 Sep 2011

Oh this is brilliant, thanks for a great laugh

by meganne 03 Sep 2011

That is soooooo funny.
I promise I won't tell, let's just hope he never reads Cute posts. :-)))

by sewdoctor 03 Sep 2011

Too funny, hope he never finds out....or maybe he would see the humor in it too...Glad that someone else's life is like mine!

by catsnhorses 03 Sep 2011

ROTFLOL! Vicki, what a hoot! Why is it that guys think they can do all of this?? Must be something in the male gene.

Re your socks... what stickers?? ;)

Good luck with the curtain rods tonight! Yikes!

by sdrise 03 Sep 2011

Too funny... Tell him much later so you can bioth laugh together! Suzanne

by basketkase 03 Sep 2011

By the way.....the doors won't stay closed on the cart........mmmm, maybe M, J or T got mixed up somewhere...LOL I have a towel threw the handles right now to keep them closed so the cats can't get into it......he is going to big box store later to get a stronger magnet.....the magnet on this thing can barely hold a sewing pin.......LOL!!

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marjialexa by marjialexa 03 Sep 2011

Soooo funny! Make sure the magnets are sticking out far enough to contact the plate on the doors. Ask me how I know... my late DH was turning the air blue assembling one of these things once, had the things back too far to make contact...he also managed to screw a couple loops of the rug into the top...lord only knows how they survive, surely it was a woman who invented the wheel, tools, etc. hee hee hee. Hugs, Marji

by lindalee757 03 Sep 2011

LOL-omg Vicki, that's a riot!!
I never let my husband assemble those things by himself anyway-too many words fly and it drives me insane-I do the assembly-sometimes with a few choice words of my own =O)-
And now that I think of it-in the past whenever he was going to do any of those things in the past-I started out as "HE" will do it, then "WE" will do it-then I end up doing it..... Men-they can be so entertaining to have around.
BTW Vicki- my husband's name is Jim also

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basketkase by basketkase 03 Sep 2011

You are so right!! Today the curtai rods go up, there will be blood!!!!!!!!!

by pennifold 03 Sep 2011

Those dang socks! Oh! well, I won't tell if you won't tell! ROTFLMBO here. Love Chris

by judybell 03 Sep 2011

That is really funny. Sounds like something that would happen to me. Thanks for the giggle this morning. Hugs, Judy

by airyfairy 03 Sep 2011

I promise I will not tell him.........

by leenova54 03 Sep 2011

I will take your secret to the grave, lol! Poor man must have thought he was losing it. My best way for hubby not to have problems putting things together is I put them together, lol! He really is helpless!

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 03 Sep 2011

same sort of thing happens in my house i would rather do it myself than listen to they have not put the correct parts in or the directions are wrong ...oh no it does work yoy know that sort of

by devon 03 Sep 2011

That is so funny. No I will not tell him. LOL