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by elenu 03 May 2008

Anyone for lemonade? I hope you will join me for an ice-cool glass of home made lemonade. All invited - the drink is on me to say "thank you" to everyone at Cute. Design is from Enbroidery Library In-The-Hoop Refrigerator Magnates.


by shirlener88 04 May 2008

Jean, how sweet of you - I love lemonade - especially with friends. I love this design - I have a few of these to make - in my need to stitch out - stack. Hehehe! *4U

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elenu by elenu 04 May 2008

It is sooo refreshing Shirlene. Pleased you could join me.

by gerryvb 03 May 2008

the weather here was beautiful today, so the limonade will taste!

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elenu by elenu 04 May 2008

You are right Gerryvb. As far as I'm concerned, it goes down well everyday!

by jrob Moderator 03 May 2008

yummmmmm my favorite!;)

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elenu by elenu 04 May 2008

You know, I love 'tart' things & I worried no-one would want to drink sharp lemonade - I'm so glad you do Jrob.