by shirleysisson 02 May 2008

Although I have made quite a few other quilts, this quilt was the first quilt made using my embroidery machine. The pattern is 'Balloon Pals' by Margaret Collings. She is a local digitizer, but I don't think she has her own website. It was made for the first grandchild of a friend of mine.


by blessinge 03 May 2008

I love the colors. Great job!

by mops Moderator 03 May 2008

Lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing.

by elenu 03 May 2008

This is great Shirley. I have done most 'crafty' things but never tried quilting. I think you need masses of patience, yes?

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shirleysisson by shirleysisson 03 May 2008

Thanks elenu. Everyone seems to think you need lots of patience - I think it's the same as any hobbie. I just find it very therapeutic.

by india2007 02 May 2008

Beautiful and bright and the embroidered designs are lovely. Great 1st job, Shirley.

by sandralochran 02 May 2008

Lovely Love the colours

by shirlener88 02 May 2008

Hi Shirley, I am sure that your friend has a picture of this - to show other's - it would sell the designs. Hehehe! I know that Matthew treasures this quilt, it is lovely. *4U

by sueffb1 02 May 2008

Cute, Cute, Cute!!! Such bright and pretty colors. Your friend is very lucky to have you as her friend!! Great sewing job. sue