by elenu 02 May 2008

Any one made FSL anemone, Design by Stitch & a Half from Secrets of Embroidery please? Stitching the flower centre made machine 'knock' so loudly & satin edge didn't stitch properly. Help!!


by simplyrosie 02 May 2008

Sounds like my FSL Star of David bookmark. Oh gosh, I had a TERRIBLE time with that darn thing. I am going to work once again with the design this weekend.

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elenu by elenu 02 May 2008

Yes, it's disheartening not to mention frustrating when things go wrong Simplyrosie.

by ruthie 02 May 2008

I haven't had this problem at all, elenu, hope you get some satisfaction from Anne-Marie, I've always found her designs to be very good. Hugs and a flower sweetie.

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elenu by elenu 02 May 2008

Ruthie, It was when embroidering the stamen ends and even more so when making the pistil of the anemone. I have emailed Secrets but I will try Anne-Marie direct if I can. Thank you.

by ron111otter 02 May 2008

Hello Jean, I haven't made this one, but I advise
you to contact Anne-Marie of Stitch & a Half
and tell her your problem. She is the most friendly
person, and will help you all she can. Hope you get it sorted.Pat

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elenu by elenu 02 May 2008

Thanks Pat, I did contact Secrets and ask if I could speak with the designer - I'm still awaiting a reply. If I wait too long (what I consider to be HaHa) I'll go direct now that I have a person's name. Thanks again.