by designcrazy 24 Aug 2011

Please vote for the "H" embossed flower font @ amazing, it's on page 14, it is the only one I missed, so I would really like to get it.


by 1allamericangirl 24 Aug 2011

designcrazy do you belong to the Designs By Sick Group? We will start voting on the embossed flower font tomorrow & it you go to Sick's chat you can request they put your H on their list or you will never get it. We vote in large numbers & always get our designs.

by nanniesara 24 Aug 2011

Will do!

by caroldann 24 Aug 2011

Ok, voted. Hugs...Carol

by dilceia 24 Aug 2011


by wendymay60 24 Aug 2011

Voted #12 the lastest embrosed H which is on page 2 at this time. Link below

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designcrazy by designcrazy 24 Aug 2011

Yes, I just checked it is on page 2 now. Thank you for voting *4U

by toogie 24 Aug 2011

I will go vote and try to post link. I need only the B in and applique on p.4, I think.Your H is on p.4, unless you mean the one on p.6-Whichever, I voted both of the H and my B-Click on Free Voting, right side

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designcrazy by designcrazy 24 Aug 2011

Toogie, the H on page 4 is the wrong one. I need the font that just finished it is called embossed flower font I believe. I will vote for the B that you need. Thanks