by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

These say they fit 8 to 12 pounds, little girl Sawyer is 3 weeks old and just weighs 5 pounds so I hope she can use these.


by airyfairy 24 Aug 2011

They are lovely Debra. The baby will soon grow into them.

by smburt 23 Aug 2011

You did a great job, those are so pretty. She'll grow into them and won't take long I'm sure.

by devon 23 Aug 2011

love them great work

by mysew1325 23 Aug 2011

very very sweet

by anitapatch 23 Aug 2011

Very nice, her mother will love them

by auntbaba 23 Aug 2011

Great work!

by patsy28 23 Aug 2011

Great job!!

by oaro 23 Aug 2011

Another nice job

by gerryvb 23 Aug 2011


by quilter124 23 Aug 2011

Debra, these are so cute and I love "I love My Grandma". The variegate threads really make it stand out.....great job...

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leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

I didn't even use the full design, there was more to it but with such tiny onsies I was afraid to put too much on it.

by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

I also ironed soft sided Pellon to the insides of them after stitching so they won't scratch the little one, hope it stays on!

by workbecky 23 Aug 2011

Debra, babies grow soooo fast. She might be a little small right now but she will fit them very shortly. Is the I love Grandma with varigated thread? Lovely job. Becky

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leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

Yes it is varigated, I figured it was easier than changing thread while doing something this tiny, that was the first one I did.

by noah 23 Aug 2011

nicely done Gramma!!

by ermaplatt 23 Aug 2011

very cute, and practical

by babie 23 Aug 2011

They look great. Love the grandma one

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leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

All are DBC freebies.

by rmj8939 23 Aug 2011

Thhey are also nicely done.

by pennifold 23 Aug 2011

Hi Debra,

Do you undo the sides to hoop these? Love Chris

by the way they are real cute!

workbecky by workbecky 23 Aug 2011

Chris, I don't undo the sides when I do onesies. They are almost turned inside out and I use hair clips (the ones with clawlike teeth) to hold back the onesie and of course NEVER leave the machine. Becky

leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

Ah, hair clips, now you tell me, lol! I was trying to use the office type clips but they didn't work as well as I would have liked.

by shirlener88 23 Aug 2011

Debra, very nice work - I think she will have some growing room.

by bumblebee 23 Aug 2011

They do catch up fast- they are adorable.

by capoodle 23 Aug 2011

Should work for her tiny size and still have plenty of room to grow. They are precious.