by clawton 01 May 2008

I believe the worm came from Embroidery Library. The lace one is from Sunshine Embroidery. I don't remember from where the other came. As you can see I like bookmarks. They are fun to do. Takes more time and work that the lace ones. But I still like the lace. I belong to a book club that meets once a month. I made some bookmarks for that. Each month we meet and name is drawn to win one of their choice.


by meganne 05 May 2008

XLNT! I particularly like the bookworm, so cute. hugs n roses, M

by shirleysisson 05 May 2008

Very nice, clawton. *4U

by shirlener88 05 May 2008

clawton, I don't know how I missed these - how wonderful - what a great thing to give at a drawing for a bookclub - these are really nice - thank you for sharing them - *4U

by joaniessw 01 May 2008

Very lovely. I believe I have the lace one. *4U ><>

clawton by clawton 01 May 2008


clawton by clawton 01 May 2008

I just gave that one away so I guess I'll have to do another one to have on hand.

by mops Moderator 01 May 2008

Like all three of them. Flower for sharing.

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clawton by clawton 01 May 2008


by elenu 01 May 2008

Yes the worm is from Emb.Library Clawton I made that one for my student Grandson. He thought it was great. The lucky monthly winner must be like the cat that got the cream.

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clawton by clawton 01 May 2008

Thank you.