by sand 01 May 2008

Cat from Pfaff card no 300. I have tried out a technique, I have read about. I only fixed the Tear-Away material in the frame. The towel and Wash-Away plast is fixed on to the Tear-Away with fix-stiches. It worked out really good and it is much easier, than to put the towel in the frame.


by nini 04 May 2008

Cute design! Looks great!*4U

by claudenicolas 04 May 2008

Does frame and hoop are the same thing?

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sand by sand 04 May 2008

Translation is a hard thing: It should have been hoop.

by iris2006 04 May 2008

Lovely pussycat, I have used the same tchnique for the first time this week and it works great, indeed much easier than hooping

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sand by sand 04 May 2008

I have tried it a few times more after my "cat". It seems to be working well. But I guess there could be problems with big frames and big designs, has anybody tried that ?

by marjialexa Moderator 04 May 2008

Going to try this technique, Sand, thanks for the information! And the kitty is just adorable, it came out so well! Marji

by sorval 02 May 2008

oh this is a sweet cat i love that design it look so sweet a flower for you gr sonja

by simplyrosie 02 May 2008

He's a cute little kitty!!!!

by kttyhwk4 02 May 2008

Cute cat and technique is one I always use.

by gerryvb 02 May 2008

thanks for the advice, it looks very nice

by lbrow 01 May 2008

The kitty is so cute. thanks 4 your new technique *4U

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sand by sand 02 May 2008

Thank you. But I cant take credit for the idea. I have read about it in a book by Jeanine Twigg. By the way a really good book called Embroidery Machine Essentials.

by shirlener88 01 May 2008

Sand, thank you for sharing your technique and this cute little cat on a towel. Adorable. *4U

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sand by sand 02 May 2008

Yes, isnt he cute. The children and their mates just love him, so I have to be careful not to say yes to too many.

by jrob Moderator 01 May 2008

Cute little guy! My machine doesn't do that for me, and I don't really have trouble with towels, but there are lots of things, I baste onto the stabilizer by hand. Way to make that machine work for YOU!;)

lbrow by lbrow 01 May 2008

I haven't tried the hand basting jrob but have pinned. believe I'll try the hand basting *4U

sand by sand 02 May 2008

Thank you. I think there are a lot of difference on the frames. The Pfaff-frame is difficult (for me) with towels, but I didnt have problems with my old Husqvarna. Nice idea with the hand-basting and pinnes.

by shirleysisson 01 May 2008

Such a cute design. *4U

by joaniessw 01 May 2008

I love your towel. It is sew sew cute :) Great technique too. *4U

by claudenicolas 01 May 2008

Very interessant your technic. It is always difficult to put towel in the hoop. What is Tear-away,and what is fix-stitches?
I love that little cat very good he has not touched to the ball of wool

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sand by sand 01 May 2008

Tear-Away is the kind of stabilizer I use as foundation of the Embroidery. And fixing-stiches are a feature my embroidery machine has. Before embroidering, I "ask" it to put a line of long stiches around where the design will be made. It makes the fabric extra stabil. And here I have used it for fixing the fabric/ the towel to the stabilizer in the frame. Hope that helped a bit.

by elenu 01 May 2008

What a mischevious little critter Sand. Sounds like you've found a good technique.