by dlmds 18 Aug 2011

have any of you had this same problem. If so,,,do you know why this is happening? Thanks ahead of time. H&*


by shirlener88 18 Aug 2011

I have had some trouble with PES designs that were created with a newer version digitizing than what I have - so I have asked the designer for help - but have also learned that I can take them into my Designer's Gallery and change the format and then back and that works - I have had no trouble with the designs stitching out.

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dlmds by dlmds 20 Aug 2011

Shirlene, GREAT idea...I have Designer's Gallery...never thought of changing it that way. You are amazing about so many embroidery items. H&*

by sewmom 18 Aug 2011

It's explained in more detail at this link. Links for conversion software are there too.

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dlmds by dlmds 18 Aug 2011

Thank you Sewmom. This was very interesting. I know that I can not use any designs made for pes 8...anything below that I can use. H&*

by awesome1 18 Aug 2011

I, too have had problems and discovered that the design was created in PE Design software is PED 5.61. I just take it to Pulse Ambassador (free program) and change the format to 5. Your design might have been made with a later version (or is too lge for the hoop setting in L & E). Hope my solution works for you!

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dlmds by dlmds 18 Aug 2011

Thank you Awesome. I will check out PA. After you change it does the design still stitch out well? H&*