by hefoltis 28 Apr 2008

The placemats and napkins set that I make for holidays.


by dkjack 29 Apr 2008

Very nice. I like your design. Is this a "hefoltis" creation?

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hefoltis by hefoltis 30 Apr 2008

I pick out the designs I want for each set before I start the project. No two sets are alike. My Halloween ones seem to be the favorite ones for my family and customers. It is a lot of fun. I hope you will try it. Be sure to get placemats that are not too thick or have a ribbed texture.

by relaxsew 29 Apr 2008

I love the idea! Thanks for sharing, you did a great job!

by joaniessw 29 Apr 2008

All these sets are sew nice. Are they for you or are they for gifts? *4U ><>

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hefoltis by hefoltis 30 Apr 2008

I start a set for me but it seems that by the time I finish a set I end up giving it as a gift or selling it to a customer.

by jrob Moderator 28 Apr 2008

What a great table setting... thank you for sharing it with us!;)

by gerryvb 28 Apr 2008

this is lovely , but I hope we first can enjoy the summer if you agree.

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hefoltis by hefoltis 30 Apr 2008

I agree. This is the last set I made. I am now working on my forth Halloween set so maybe that will be done before the cold sets in again. Thanks for the compliment. Helene

by iris2006 28 Apr 2008

What a nice set together *4U

by simplyrosie 28 Apr 2008

Very cute! Nice job...

by shirlener88 28 Apr 2008

Helen, very nice set - where did you get your designs? *4U

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hefoltis by hefoltis 30 Apr 2008

I get designs from so many places that I am sure the designs on the sets come from various places. I look through all my designs for the right holiday and select the ones that I think will work the best. Helene

by mops Moderator 28 Apr 2008

Nice again. Flower for you.