by faerynutt 07 Aug 2011

This really irritates me :( Am I the only one?


by hightechgrammy 09 Aug 2011

Isn't this enough? Let's get back to be the caring, sharing people we are.

There is an incredible amount of stress right now around the whole world - the economy, debt, politics, war - you name it, it's going on now. When we talk to people, especially on line, we have to be very careful of the words we choose. It isn't easy to reflect emotions in short sentences, email, tweets.
This group of people is much too nice for all this turmoil - don't you think?

I'm writing this from the hospital waiting room where our 23 year old son is having a 4 hour PET scan. His back is deteriorating so badly. Aren't people and the relationships we hold dear, the most important to preserve?

Love and hugs to everyone else who is stressed out!

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sewold66 by sewold66 09 Aug 2011


by daisy530 09 Aug 2011

Enough beating up on Faerynutt for having an opinion. She has left the group. She NEVER ONCE said she wasn't grateful for DBC--just the opposite. She was looking for new designs. She was stating her opinion, and in my opinion she was alot more tackful than a few of the responding comments. I'm sorry Faery for not being very tackful. We all need to be more RESPECTFUL to everyone, and turn our negative comments and attitudes into positive.

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jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 09 Aug 2011

How sad. Why is it impossible to have a discussion here-perhaps swaying people to have a different way of seeing things-instead people come out swinging? She asked if it irritated others, all you had to do was say yes or no. No "oldies vs newbies" , no somehow finding that she wasn't appreciative in her post, no yelling. She was just as much a part here as anyone else and deserved the same respect you all would want to get. This is supposed to be fun! Sigh.

by crazystitcher 09 Aug 2011

Dear faerynutt, if the real reason for your "irritation" is that you would like to always be easily able to quickly find the latest addtions to Designs By Cuties without having to browse far to find them, then please try the method I have suggested under my post about how to do that. I've added the link to that post below this message. Hopefully once you have mastered this, you will no longer be irritated or have any bones to pick with newer members. Have a nice day!

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jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 09 Aug 2011

I hadn't seen this before, I have now bookmarked it also, thank you! Maybe post this a bit more often for those like me who missed it before.

by elizabethak 09 Aug 2011

Woe, cannot believe how "violent" everyone got at an opinion. I tried to voice one once before and got such a vicious attack have vowed never to comment again.! I even stayed away from this site for a few weeks as I was soooooooooooo upset. Try to understand not everyone has ADSL and with dial-up you can be forever on the internet (and in South Africa you pay for time!).
We understand that newer Cuties would like to see the older designs but things evolve and change and tho some designs took a long time to digitise and are beautiful for a lot the designs are no longer "in fashion" and to sift through the lot can be time consuming.For my part the sad thing is I very seldom go through DBC due to the time factor.
Should I put on my suit of armour and hard hat for all the attacks coming my way.
Hugs all

by danababes 09 Aug 2011

I don't get irritated with people answering old posts especially if they're thanking someone for the creation & sharing of a design, etc. We're all busy and some of us have extremely limited bandwidth, but such is life :) xXx

by obaachan 08 Aug 2011

Compassion, patience and understanding.................Jo

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 09 Aug 2011

Hi Jo, I like your new avatar! Who is it???

obaachan by obaachan 09 Aug 2011

Hi Jan,
That is a pic of my
Grandson !!

by obaachan 08 Aug 2011

Compassion, patience and understanding.................Jo

by rachap 08 Aug 2011

I sure appreciate and thank all of the cuties that do such nice free designs for us. When youu are new to this site you hve to sort of learn your way around by trial and error so please give the newbies a break---don't be like the people who find a beautiful place to live and then want the door closed behind them so no one else can enjoy the beauty.

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obaachan by obaachan 08 Aug 2011

Well said....

by muflotex 08 Aug 2011

Hurrah for the brave on all sides.
newbies be newbies you grow older every second. Oldies be irrateted thats what you do remember? Now who is old and who is new - where do I belong -
I enjoy read what I find and sometimes just press the back button. But funny how the pot gets cooking real hot sometimes.
Have a good and creative time everyone.

by hightechgrammy 08 Aug 2011

Oops! Looks like I made this mistake in the past! I just really like to show appreciation, and so I usually thank people. Shame on me. I just wish there was an easy way to search for missed letters or parts of sets. Is there???

Thank You to all you Cuties who digitize and share your labors of love. It does take "forever" to convert to all the formats and then to upload. But, it is fun to share and I always appreciate the feedback and love to know when someone likes my work.

However, it is annoying to find page after page of old designs :-)
I guess it's worth it!

by anne55 08 Aug 2011

A good while back when I found this site and was new, I spent a lot of time going through 200-plus pages downloading the designs I thought I would like. I then found out it would put everything to the front. However, I feel the newbies shouldn't be "fussed at" for downloading the free designs. It is what it is. I'm just glad someone takes the time to digitize, because I don't have the know-how!

by lindalee757 08 Aug 2011

OMG!! MEEEOOOWWW..HISSSSSSSSSSS ...SPIT.... lol- aren't you glad you picked that bone?? Phewey-that really stirred up the pot huh? I am not getting into this one, just wanted to say, hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday?? For a change it isn't me ruffling feathers =O)

bevintex by bevintex 08 Aug 2011

Linda when did you ever ruffle a feather? LOL

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 08 Aug 2011

No I think we'll leave the feather ruffling to the congress and Stock markets, lol! They sure are good at it.

lindalee757 by lindalee757 08 Aug 2011

lol-omgoodness-let's not even go there-politics n religion-not a good place to start conversations. Let's all just sit at our machines and "Be Happy"-lol-oh my-how sappy does that sound?!

airyfairy by airyfairy 09 Aug 2011

Sounds great to me

by peggy 08 Aug 2011

old to some are new to others who have just joined.

by caroldann 08 Aug 2011

I understand what you are saying. I also agree with jerseygirl's post. Other cuties have voiced their opinions on other matters and have not gotten attacked. It is sad but "in my opinion" most of the comments have been downright rude. I may not agree with someone's post but that doesn't give me the right to attack.

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loosie by loosie 08 Aug 2011

I agree! but I never am one to stir the pot...

by susieq2u 08 Aug 2011

Consider yourself blessed if this is the worst thing you can find to complain about today.

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edithfarminer by edithfarminer 08 Aug 2011

Yes susie I have to agree. The financial markets are in meltdown, many people loosing their jobs and than possibly their home.On top of that some have serious health problems. Let us all be very very grateful if we do not have any of these problems!Hugs to all edith

by jerseygirl 08 Aug 2011

Wow, I started reading, thinking this would be an interesting discussion. Why are some of you attacking faerynutt? She expressed an opinion and I expected to see other people's opinions, but, again Wow. Are we not all adults who should read our responses before hitting the submit button? Nowhere did I read that she was ungrateful for all the free designs. Is she not a member and entitled to an opinion -that was not an attack but just stated? I have not been here long, have been looking and reading, and getting to know the lay of the land here, and would expect an "oldie" to know how the site works because they had been here a while. I don't go into someone else's house and tell them where to put their furniture.
I thought the purpose of the flowers was to give thanks? No? Then what are they for?
I might not agree with an opinion, but I certainly maintain that everyone has the right to one.

caroldann by caroldann 08 Aug 2011

I'll second that. Hugs..Carol

elizabethak by elizabethak 09 Aug 2011

I'll definitely go with that. We appreciate what the digitisers do for free but that is also what they WANT to do. We're not attacking them for goodness sake. It's an opinion!.Gee thought we're adults.

mops by mops 09 Aug 2011

Elizabeth, I don't understand what you mean when you say: QUOTE We appreciate what the digitisers do for free but that is also what they WANT to do. END QUOTE As far as I can see it has nothng to do with designs being brought to the top again. So what is your point?

meganne by meganne 09 Aug 2011

When a person says:
"I 'have a bone to pick' with a member of Cute"
it DOES mean that the other person is being singled out for attack or at very least, a heated discussion. And the rest of the message is quite clear it is a whinge about a specific person, not just sharing an opinion!

It is great sharing opinions with others, but it is MY OPINION that this post should have been worded in a far less confrontational manner, for it to be classed as just "sharing an opinion".

The designs in DBC are given freely for EVERYONE to download, newbies, oldies even outsiders who follow links to them that Miss Veronika might, sometimes, put up on her other sites.

So what if a member brings them to the front by writing a comment, why be selfish and complain just because it makes it more difficult for you to find the new designs?

The old designs are NEW to someone who hasn't seen them before and even if they have brought them forward once before, they probably have a very good reason for doing it again. As someone else mentioned, they could have had a computer crash or they may be downloading a different format or they may simply have forgotten that they already had that alphabet.

Who cares how many times they are brought back again?
Designs, especially alphabets, NEVER go out of fashion!

elizabethak by elizabethak 09 Aug 2011

Sorry Martine, couldn't get to comment on your reply. It was in response to some comment regarding how much time etcetc it takes to digitse. I realise that, I am grateful for that as I appreacite the time it takes and the work that goes into it - but no one in forced to submit a design. But enough from me - I said once before I won't comment any more, just thank everyone who submits freebies and stay away from here for a while. As I said - I got my suit of armour on so throw the brickbats!
Love to all = flowers and cheers
Elizabeth signing off

by bumblebee 08 Aug 2011

Well. I'll take this opportunity to Thank all the wonderful digitizers that submit free designs. I spent a few hours going through DBC today and recovering some freebies I had lost during a computer crash but I didn't say thank you again because this issue had been brought up before and I
didn't want to irritate.
But I really am grateful to all who digitize and we
have some very talented gals on this group. So here goes a million thanks and hugs and flowers!!!
Oh and everyone check out the post explaining how to use advanced google search to quickly find the latest contributed designs-Genius!!
Thanks so much again to Meganne and all the wonderful gals who contribute to DBC.
Have a wonderful Day!

by castelyn 08 Aug 2011

Hi there, if you have given a flower/comment for the design in "designs by cuties" just pass it and go to the next design, that you have not downloaded. This is not difficult.
That is how I manage it, so it does not matter if it does come to the top again.

Hugs Yvonne

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noah by noah 08 Aug 2011

Thats what i do to thanks Yvonne!!hugs everyone carolyn

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by cherylgauteng 08 Aug 2011

Why do we not just live and let live ? This applies to everyone on this page - question and answers :-) I find this all SO distressing and it is not really that important in each of our lives, is it ??? Each one of us is entitled to their own opinion and I think that it should be kept that way - we do not have to push it onto others in a public forum.

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by blueeyedblonde 08 Aug 2011

When I first came to this site, I went through every page of DBC. I didn't d/l all the ones I wanted as I figured they'd be there later. Some I liked, but didn't think I would use so didn't d/l. Later I realized I could sure use that particular design now, but don't have time to hunt for it as all the newer ones are at the beginning and have no clue as to what page it's on. So it's good to have things brought back to the top.
I didn't leave thank you's when I first started and then realized these freebies that others have taken all that time and effort to digitize and share with us would probably like getting a thank you and if it's an older one I figured they'd like knowing someone found it and liked it enough to d/l. It's also much easier to say thank you right there and then than to switch back and forth leaving pm's.
Did you ever consider that this person d/l something and had to go back and d/l it again as they screwed up somehow and needed it again!!!!
I intend to go back and find the rest of what I missed in DBC and I will be leaving a thank you to the kind digitizer! And a big thank you to those who have spent hours finding alphas and getting them in order that way - thanks!

1 comment
elizabethak by elizabethak 09 Aug 2011

You do realise there is no way you going to keep count of the last page you were on as when the older ones are brought back up to the front it screws the sequence!. Just thought you'd like to know. I tried to go through all the pages but had to go to that place that gives me money for being there (work), came back to start at the last page I was on only to find it had been screwed! Ha have a happy day

by eggyannie 08 Aug 2011

why not get a coffeee and sit down one wet sunday morning and start on the last page and just go through the lot. I have done this a few times especially if hubby was not well or i have had a bad night so am awake and unable to rest at 5.00 in the morning. i mostly go hunting for one specific font or set of designs and by starting at the back i will be sure not to miss any.
I have often spotted other designs i like and so have ended up downloading several sets.
I allways leave a thank you and a flower to the person who has spent so much time digitising a design and then giving it free.
But the fun bit is to come back in next morning and see how many others have taken advantage of the time i have spent bringing up an entire set of fonts and then downloading them especialy if they have not had the time to sit here for a few hours.
A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE THE SAME THING. because then i have been able to follow them and download a complete set in record time. it makes me smile to be able to do just that. again a big thank you to all the members of this fab group not only for the designs but for the hints and tips and fun bits. To all those who have a problem, no mattter what, i send a hug and a prayer that the day will improve. annie in the uk

by mariahail 08 Aug 2011

Remember when you first came to cute and you wanted to see everything? Maybe she just wants to share with other cuties...However that is not reason to protest or to be upset....and like meganne said...

by airyfairy 08 Aug 2011

Does it really matter if the designs come up over and over again? As others have said, there are lots of newbies who also would like to see past designs. I for one was delighted to see my pekinese, digitized so beautifully by basketkase (Vicki) come to the top again. Try not to get too irritated - life is far too short. Sarah.

by tilde01 08 Aug 2011

I've noticed that on other sites that have a forum, that any messages, like "Thank You", will bring that design to the top. That just seems the way it is, even if it is irriating to some of us. I try to keep my irriations to myself because we are lucky to have the free designs that the talented cuties are willing to share with you. Hugs to you Faerynutt.

by gandu 08 Aug 2011

oh come on girls be it old or new be grateful that u are getting some thing for nothing. they are all such beautiful designs i thank all of them for the designs be it old or new <br />love to all the cuties

by elizabethak 07 Aug 2011

Oops, really Cuties - this is faerynutt's opinion I think a bit harsh to attack her.

by terriweistra 07 Aug 2011

Sweetpea I think you need to rethink your irritation levels. As a newer Cutie I have inadvertantly 'stepped' on toes by doing things that have 'irritated' other users of this site. I only 'found' the cupcake alphabet because it was brought to the top and there are many, many newer Cuties who probably have the same experiences. There are also many users who do not have broadband and cannot spend hours and hours going through the older DBC pages! Although it is nice to leave a flower for a digitiser, I will always say THANK YOU to them for their hard work and dedication and if it brings an old design back to the top then so be it!!!!!

by crazystitcher 07 Aug 2011

Hi, without meaning you any disrespect, I think you need to remember that although you are a member of the Cute Embroidery Community, you are NOT the OWNER of this site nor are you the manager or designer of this site, and you simply need to accept the way this site is built to bring up whatever designs bring a comment in this section and be a little more grateful for having access to all these beautiful freebies. Frankly, I'm relatively new, (not quite the thousand flowers,yet, and I'm still olf-fashioned enough think it is polite to leave a comment for any design that I have thought was so nice that I downloaded it. I think the system works quite well and sometimes it is nice to see that the old FREE designs are still popular. Unless you want to put in MANY MANY HOURS of work redesigning this section of this web-site, FREE OF CHARGE, with a more elaborate but still easy to use functional data-base, I would humbly suggest that you replace your "irritation" with tolerance, frienship, amusement and gratitude. With all its imperfections, our world is still a beautiful place. In my opinion, little things like this are not worth grumbling about. Why not try to smile???

juanitadenney by juanitadenney 08 Aug 2011

Thank you crazystitcher I couldn't have said it any better than you did. Smiling, and you won't hear me grumbling....

marjialexa by marjialexa 09 Aug 2011

Thank you, well said. I got half way thru the answers before I even knew which designs were being referred to. The site is the way it is. A reply will bring something to the top. God forbid a new person should not be allowed to say "thanks" because it irritates people. If you think "thanks" should be put into a PM, how about putting a post like this one into a PM, instead of purposely causing a ruckus. Tempest in a teapot. Hugs, Marji

by terriweistra 07 Aug 2011

If I download an older freebie from DBC and I don't leave a thank you (I think that is rude!!!) but I do leave a star, does it still bring that file ttt???

faerynutt by faerynutt 07 Aug 2011

No, it doesn't but I think a PM is more personel for any designs you like. Shows you care and have taken the extra time to let them know. I always leave flowers which also shows that the design is appreciated.

terriweistra by terriweistra 07 Aug 2011

Great stuff. Thanks for the info

by meganne 07 Aug 2011

Yes you probably are the only one who would complain about bringing earlier DESIGNS back to the top.

Some people just don't have the time to go back through all those pages so they never know what "goodies" are to be found there. When they are brought back to the top people say
"WOW! I didn't know this was here thanks so much for bringing it to the top, I would have missed out on it."
at least that is what they should be saying because there are so many fabulous designs to be had if you go back far enough to find them.

Hugs and roses, Meganne

terriweistra by terriweistra 07 Aug 2011

I have to agree with you Meganne, I have just had a look in DBC and discovered a rather cute applique alphabet which I didnt know existed!!!

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 08 Aug 2011

Yes I also agree Meganne, there are so many designs in DBC and some digitisers like you are organised enough to have catalogued their designs and others like me have not done that, even with the cataloguing not everyone knows how to look for them, so if a cute decides to spend their time going through them all and bringing them back to the top so be it. it is not like in freebies where the design might be gone by the time someone brings it back up.

mops by mops 08 Aug 2011

Yes, I agree too. And it's nice to see one of your own oldies come and know people still like it enough to download it.

bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 08 Aug 2011

Thanks for answer Meganne. Love Marie

by jofrog2000 07 Aug 2011

I start all my original posts with the date. I think if that became the norm, we all would be able to pick and choose what to read a lot easier. And if it's in the freebies, I put the name of the site. A bit of courtesy instead of-This is new to me. Now That annoys me as a headline.

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terriweistra by terriweistra 07 Aug 2011

Sorry sweetie I am guilty of what irritates you :) I suppose some of the newer Cuties have become a little bit nervous of duplicating in case we cause irritation to the older Cuties

by nanniesara 07 Aug 2011

Maybe her computer crashed or something. We are all here to help one another. Lets just be nice and keep having a good time.

by justonlyme 07 Aug 2011

I'm a tad puzzled here. I have read LOTS of comments about people who just "take" without saying thank you. Now I'm seeing just the the opposite. What are the "rules" for this? I, for one, have not seen a good share of the designs beyond about 6 months ago, so it is really cool, in my own opinion, for someone to collect all of the designs in to sets, especially the fonts, so that they are easier to find.
If one person is being offensive, why not message that person and say something? Or find a site with better established rules that don't offend you. This is full of quirks and that, in and of itself, is appealing. Personal opinion only.

by mi30kaja 07 Aug 2011

You will find as we get new members they go searching and this will always bring the old designs back to the front. Iritating to some older members but not to the Newbies. You have to learn to be patient and just skip over them.

by katydid 07 Aug 2011

I don't see a problem. after they learn to get the desigs , they will probably realize they are bringing up old designs. Some times I find some I missed the first time!! Kay

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Aug 2011

I think I know what you mean. I also think the person wants to be helpful by posting a link to the catelog. It's ment well

by daisy530 07 Aug 2011

You are acting like this site is just for older cuties. There are alot more new cuties than old. This site was designed to bring up ANY designs that get a comment. Try starting at the bottom--bet you'll find alot of cute ones you haven't seen yet.

faerynutt by faerynutt 07 Aug 2011

I spend days going over all the old designs and even the older project. I may not be brand new but since I worked 7 days a week I couldn't go through all of them until a few months back. I knew people would get irritated if I said anything about this. That is why I never said anything. But what I'm saying is that they are bringing the same designs up for a second time that they brought up a few weeks ago not even "new" old designs. It just makes it harder for everyone to go through all the new designs. I try not to affend anyone but it always seems that some will be no matter how polite you try to be about it :(

daisy530 by daisy530 07 Aug 2011

I do understand how you feel, but it goes with the territory. I assume you are talking about KLAESSLE. She joined in Dec 09, and has never posted anything or left a comment in Community Section, so I doubt if she would pickup a private message, even if you sent her one. Just grin and bear it. Personally, I would love to see the capability of loading packages in DBC. All those alphas, and snowflakes are time consuming to go through. Another suggestion--the new designs are always posted in Freebies also, so maybe you could read those, and pickup the new ones only, without going through all of them.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 07 Aug 2011

I never considered posting my designs in freebies too, is that allowed?

faerynutt by faerynutt 07 Aug 2011

No, I don't mean Klaessle I'm assuming she doesn't speak/read a lot of English so I get it if she doesn't know what's happening. I think going through Freebies would be much more time consuming than checking the new designs of the day. Not sure if I made myself clear, it's the same person reposting the same alphas for a second time, meaning they are bringing the exact same ones back to the top that they brought to the top a couple of weeks ago. Go have a look, when this first started I even went in and took my time to bring the new designs to the top so people could see them right off and so they weren't buried 6 pages down. I see others do it to, so I can't be the only one. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, not sure anybody is truly getting what I mean about the reposted alphas.
Yes, I see the Cuties freebies posted all the time so sure why not :) Not sure if I made myself clear, it's the same person reposting the same alphas for a second time. Go have a look, when this first started I even went in and took my time to bring the new designs to the top so people could see them right off and so they weren't buried 6 pages down. I see others do it to, so I can't be the only one.

meganne by meganne 07 Aug 2011

OH stop Bitching and just be grateful the designs are there and they are FREE.

Do you lot have any idea how long it takes for the digitiser to upload 26 letters of an alphabet????

Then they get asked for all the numbers, then the lower case, then all the ancillary items. So they go and digitise these, convert to all the different formats then start uploading them.

AND I MIGHT TELL YOU! that each FORMAT has to be uploaded separately so you all can download the one you use and not have to re-format it yourself!!!

And you wonder why digitising members stop contributing free designs????

Well, let me tell you when I read posts like these my blood boils and I just think you are a bunch of selfish, greedy, thoughtless people.

I would like the ability to UPLOAD the alpha sets in one fell swoop, it can't happen for security purposes, it is far easier for a hacker to hide a virus in a zip file than an individual design! so be grateful YOU ARE BEING PROTECTED!

A very angry Meg, going off the air in disgust!!!

terriweistra by terriweistra 07 Aug 2011

Thank you Meganne!!! I hope you are feeling a bit more relaxed by the time you read this message. I think that we all need to take time to appreciate the very hard work from the digitisers at Cuties and allow the newer Cuties the freedom and enjoyment to appreciate your work as well, even if it is from the older design pages.

faerynutt by faerynutt 07 Aug 2011

Yes, I do know how LONG it takes to design, change formats, and upload alpha, more than once, along with other designs I have contibuted to this site. Along with only receiving PM's wanting to know when you will finish and to change it formats they want. Not sure what you are so mad about.

meganne by meganne 08 Aug 2011

And because you don't (want to) understand why posts like this get my dander up, it is obvious to everyone that I would be wasting my time trying to explain it to you.

Don't you have ANYTHING better to complain about?

by nualaa 07 Aug 2011

I think the person is a newbie. Maybe it would be nice to send her a P.M. and explain how things work and there is no need to leave messages, only a flower for older designs, especially when it is an alphabet.

1 comment
sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 07 Aug 2011

I was wondering why the old aplha was re-surfacing. Oh well