by nualaa 06 Aug 2011

I downloaded some floral designs from the Husqvarna archive and they are downloading as an "exe" file and my computer warned it may harm the computer if opened. Did anyone have the same result?Txs


by nualaa 07 Aug 2011

Thanks everyone for the info. I downloaded them again and when I opened the file it had a selfextracting program built in and I guess my computer was not sure aboutit. All went well.

by shilly 07 Aug 2011

I scanned these for viruses and they are safe; need the right machine to use these, I guess; otherwise,they are useless. Too bad-they are very nice.

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jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 07 Aug 2011

An exe file is a compressed file-like zip or rar-containing format files. It does not need an unzipping program to get those out. It, itself is not a machine format.

by jofrog2000 07 Aug 2011

An exe file is a "self executable" file, meaning, when you click on it, it extracts the information without using winzip or something else. You can right click on it, and should see a choice to check with your virus software if the contents are okay.

by mops Moderator 07 Aug 2011

The exe files make a diskette for the older Designer1 that has no usb-port. I never downloaded those but choose the embroidery files instead.

by evajungermann 07 Aug 2011

I think you read my freebe post yesterday- and the designs you mention are from a gallery named "picture". I did not download these, but I suppose they are for use in the digitizer software.
And the special stitches for the Husqvarna and Pfaff machines I found on another site came as a machine update too (the self extracting installation .exe files) and are only useful when you have the machine - by running the exe files the machine software gets updated and the new stitches are installed to your machine.
But the designs I liked.
For those who wonder what we are talking about:

by adavisx3 06 Aug 2011

That is typical for older Husqvarna designs. It will probably give you an shv menu file type which is for the Designer 1 machine. If they are any of the 2009 designs that is the case. If not, I can check it out for you if you let me know which designs they are. -- Aileen

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nualaa by nualaa 07 Aug 2011

Thank you, they are in the print gallery 1 and 2. There is sweet peas, Clematis, etc.
I really like them.