by ivanniahadba 30 Jul 2011

Do any of you guys know where I can find a Spanish Embroidery font? I need an ň. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you, Ivannia


by hagridsmom 04 Aug 2011

I think 8 claws and a paw has at least one.
I am searching through my collection now as I know I have some. If I can find it I can let you know the name of it, etc.

by greysewist Moderator 31 Jul 2011

Have you checked inbuilt designs on your embroidery machine if you have any? I have an idea that might be included in my Janome 300E/350E -some 'international' ones are, anyway. I don't often use the inbuilt fonts or designs, but worth a check perhaps.

by mary51 30 Jul 2011

Good question but do not got the answer, hope someone know it. i have hundreds of ABC but not one with that letter.

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ivanniahadba by ivanniahadba 31 Jul 2011

Mary, thank you. I have lots of fonts too, I just cannnot seem to find this one letter that I need. Have a good day!