by buffy1 27 Jul 2011

Please vote for cute floral font A. Thank



by justonlyme 31 Jul 2011

I used to get on and chit chat with one particular group there. But those folks always stayed logged on as the same person. I haven't been there in months. I quit after seeing that all the chat was about was voting for other sites. Used to be, the chat was about REAL stuff, like trouble shooting designs and machine problems, etc. Very sad, but welcome to the new society. I'm glad my "name" is different here than there!!!

by edithfarminer 31 Jul 2011

I also vote EVERY DAY and looked 2 days ago when the A had about 240 votes with some hours to go.
than surprise surprise the bunny won. SOMETHING IS WRONG SOMEWHERE!! I hope Miss Veronika will sort it.

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sewmom by sewmom 31 Jul 2011

But did you look at the bunny font hours before the change to see how many votes it had?

by cherylgauteng 31 Jul 2011

Have done so and have voted every day. I have the new alphabet as I am a member at the moment but feel that others should also be able to get it and not keep going back to old alphabets all the time ??? And a * for everyone who has voted and answered below

by beeboomer 31 Jul 2011

This new alpha almost won today. I was curious enough and obsessive/compulsive enough to keep refreshing the vote page to see what was happening at the end. The bunny got a new vote about every minute. The new alpha was 8 votes behind right before it changed to today's freebie. I will continue voting for the new A.

by tilde01 30 Jul 2011

Voted for it. I don't understand where all the votes for the bunny font came from. When I looked 1/2 hr before the change over, this A font was ahead by about 40 votes. Wonder if something else is going on?

beeboomer by beeboomer 30 Jul 2011

I noticed the same thing. I have never seen the new alphabet continue to loose the vote day after day. I have been on Cute for years.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 31 Jul 2011

I know you can't get multiple accounts at sick becasue I had a friend staying with me and she had to go to the library to open an account. Sick can tell if the accoutns are being opened from the same address.

by madrocki 29 Jul 2011

done 149

by beeboomer 29 Jul 2011

Wow! What happened? The last I looked it was way ahead for today's free alpha design. It's ahead now for tomorrow's. Can it hold on?

by edithfarminer 27 Jul 2011


by muflotex 27 Jul 2011

#48 on the run on vacation ;-)

by gerryb 27 Jul 2011


by edithfarminer 27 Jul 2011


by edithfarminer 27 Jul 2011

Yes please,Here the link


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catsnhorses by catsnhorses 27 Jul 2011

LOL! thanks for the link, Edith. I voted for the wrong one initially. :)