by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

Guess who's on the Stitcher's Showcase today from Embroidery Library... take a look at my Grandmother girls!!! I'm so excited!


by waterlily 29 Jul 2009

Awww...I couldn't see it. THe page was unavailable. I'll be sure to try later. BUT...I'm sure congratulations are in order.

by hyfibutt 29 Jul 2009


by jacquipaul 28 Jul 2009

Merci; she must be so proud of you!

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Jul 2009


by kezza2sew 28 Jul 2009

how creative and looks great...

by sherylac 28 Jul 2009

Way to go Grandma

by lflanders 28 Jul 2009

Teri, You did a great job and your grandmother looks so happy to be modeling the outfit! I know how proud of you she must be. I am so sorry to hear that she had a stroke. I sure do hope that she recovers completely. She just looks like she is so full of life and alot of fun to be around. You are a wonderful grand-daughter. You will always have all the wonderful memories of all your times together. Teri, you are a beautiful person, inside and outside! I know your whole family must be very proud of you! You have a nice looking husband but he has nothing on you! The two of you make a great looking couple. I wish you much happiness and love! I know that it is none of my business but I read where you said you could not have children. You and your Hubby need to adopt a child and share some of your love and happiness with a baby/child that might never really know what happiness is. From everything you say and do, you just sound like a wonderful caring person. You said that you were sad that you would never be a mom. You can, you know. That may not have been the exact words you said but that was the idea I got from what you did say. You just seem like you have so much to share with a child. It was just a thought and might not be anything that you ar your Hubby is interestd in doing but I do think you would make a wounderful parent be it an adoptive parent or a step-mom or a Foster Mom. You have so much energy and you seem to care for other people so much. You should always be very proud of who/what you have turned out to be! You are a very kind person. Linda

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lflanders by lflanders 28 Jul 2009

Oh, And I am a very nosey person to have gone into that but you would make a great Mom!

by mad14kt 28 Jul 2009

FIESTA si ;D *2U

by lindaavolio 28 Jul 2009

Teri...they look GREAT!!!

by sewmom 28 Jul 2009

This is very exciting for you. Nice work!

by colonies1 28 Jul 2009

great job and she looks so happy lucky you to do such work and make someone happy

by simplyrosie 28 Jul 2009

OH wow... this got pulled up from 2008...LOL. Well the link doesn't work, so I wanted you all to be able and see my GM! She is so wonderful girls... I miss her dearly! xoxo

by gerryb 28 Jul 2009

Thrilled to see your work on EM! Tell GM she's a great model & we all applaude her!

by marjialexa Moderator 28 Jul 2009

Oh, Teri, I am so very happy for you!!!!! Hugs, Marji

by natekerra 28 Jul 2009

Guess what! I found some at

by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

Oh girls, she was so adorable this evening... I told her that this day was all about her. I brought her flowers and my husband took the 3 of us out to dinner to celebrate how wonderful she is. She was so happy to see herself on the web! Hugs to you all... I need to get some sleep... this girl is tuckered out! xoxo

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

And yup Jeri, I told her that someone named "Jeri" thought she was hot... she looked at me and said "My son thinks I'm hot"... her son's name is Jerry! LOL LOL LOL It was priceless! She was VERY with it tonight... full of spunk and personality.

mops by mops 24 Apr 2008

I am happy for you it was such a great success.

by tmbache 23 Apr 2008

!!!WOW !!! This is just GREAT. To have your very own work and your grandmother on a embroidery site modeling your work. This must be one of your happiest day. sure hope gram recognizes herself and enjoys her moments of fame. You did a beautiful job on the sweater for a beautiful lady. Warm hugs and big bunches of flowers for you and your grandmother.

by joaniessw 23 Apr 2008

It is awesome to see her there. A wonderful person she seems. I know she has a wonderful caring grand daughter. Thank you for sharing this with us. *4U ><>

by nglover1 23 Apr 2008

Very beautiful, I know your grandmother is sooooooo proud. I know I am . Goooood Job . A flower for you.

by nonna57 23 Apr 2008

Hey Teri saw g/m before I came here, and thought Hey I've seen that good looking gal before. :)

by dlonnahawkins 23 Apr 2008

This is great - so glad to see. Know you GM is happy to be on the site too.

by shirlener88 23 Apr 2008

Ohhhhhhhh Teri, how wonderful to have thw stitcher's showcase - that is fantastick and I know that your GM was so happy to see herself on your PC - this is exciting and so happy that you shared it with us. Makes my heart go pitter pat. I must calm down now. Great work - wished a had a bushel of flowers for you. *4U

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

Shirlene my friend... I sent you an email... ;-) xoxo

shirlener88 by shirlener88 24 Apr 2008

Thank you dear, I received it - you get some rest.

by auntbaba 23 Apr 2008

Teri, She's very pretty, and she's looking really proud of your work. Thank-you for sharing such a special moment.

by sira 23 Apr 2008

Beautiful work you did Simplyrosie ! Your GM is a model now and I think all of us hope your GM has better day nowadays ! *4U for yours loving thoughts about your GM

by gerryvb 23 Apr 2008

so even more people can admire your gr.mother's giraffes.*4u

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

Oh, this was completely about her... I have very little to do with this. ;-) She's the one to admire... I have my whole life. ;-)

by lbrow 23 Apr 2008

Oh Teri I am so proud of U! You grandmother is wonderful. I bet she's proud too. Just think this is International. It could lead to all kinds of modeling contracts. I'm kidding u deserve many stars for loving you Granny so much.

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

She is such a doll... but since her stroke last month, she's really having trouble remembering me... ;-( It's hard seeing this. I love her very much.

by clawton 23 Apr 2008

That was great. Congratulations. Let us know what your gran said.

by celticlady1031 23 Apr 2008

Congratulations Teri. How special for you to see your work recognized and modeled by your very own DGM. Kudos and *'s. Be proud and enjoy.

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 23 Apr 2008

Forgot to ask... What did your DGM think of seeing herself on the internet?

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

She will see herself tonight. ;-) Since her stroke last month, she has been forgetting me, so I do pray that she has a GREAT day and that seeing this will be something she can "comprehend".

by jrob Moderator 23 Apr 2008

Wow, You might be the first famous person I have ever known! ;)

jrob by jrob 23 Apr 2008

Tell her someone named Jeri saw her on the internet and thinks she's hot! (remember her comment about the singles site?)

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

LOL... She'll get a kick out of that! I'm just so thrilled she can see herself on the monitor. It's all about her Jeri... she is the one that really makes the jacket, you know? xoxo

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

LOL... She'll get a kick out of that! I'm just so thrilled she can see herself on the monitor. It's all about her Jeri... she is the one that really makes the jacket, you know? xoxo

by mops Moderator 23 Apr 2008

Congratulations Teri. Does not your GM look happy and rightly so in that outfit. Has she seen the site? Flower for you.

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

Not yet... I'm hopefully going to pick her up this evening and show her. ;-)

by ruthie 23 Apr 2008

*Congratulations* teri, well done, and doesn't your GM just look so pleased to be there - next stop *television*, haha!!! Hugs and a flower for you and your darling GM, you are both sweeties.

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

xoxo Ruthie xoxo

by simplyrosie 23 Apr 2008

Here's the link...

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pat71896 by pat71896 23 Apr 2008

Beautiful lady, beautiful design, beautiful execution!